Akila McConnell


Akila McConnell is a freelance travel and food writer who has been traveling around the world full-time since 2009.  Though currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, she is constantly thinking about her next destination and great meal.


For five years, Akila fantasized about exotic destinations and international cuisine from behind the doors of her law office.  In 2009, she convinced her long-suffering husband to quit their jobs, sell their house, store their belongings, and travel the world for one year.  One year became a permanent lifestyle.

Akila has traveled to forty countries across five continents, including road-tripping from England to Turkey and back with her husband and two dogs.  She has hunted truffles in Italy, sniffed barrels of wine in New Zealand, cooked mouth-blistering curries in Thailand, and gathered around a roasting kangaroo tail with Australian aboriginals.  Upon arrival to any new place, her first question always is, “What should we eat?”

Along the way, Akila fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a food and travel writer.  Her writing has appeared at the Food Traveler's Handbook, Wandr’ly Magazine, and Problogger, among many others, and on her own popular food and travel blog, The Road Forks.

In addition to writing, Akila owns Atlanta Food Walks and develops all of its tours to help locals and tourists understand the breadth and depth of Southern food in beautiful Atlanta.  


Akila graduated from Emory University with double majors in Accounting and Philosophy and a law degree from Duke University.  Of course, all of this has nothing to do with her career in food and travel, except that she has developed a deep and abiding love for Southern cuisine.

Akila McConnell

Food is the great common denominator among all countries, cultures, and races.  Nothing breaks cultural barriers like shared smiles over a great meal.  Nothing destroys language difficulties like a well-timed “mmm” and belly rub.  And, nothing connects people like cooking together.  On this site, I will help you decipher world cuisines and find markets, food experiences, and restaurants that will satisfy your stomach and your curiosity about other countries.

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