See Inside Airstream's New All-Electric Concept Trailer

The eStream puts sustainability at the forefront of future travel

Airstream eStream Concept Travel Trailer

Courtesy of Airstream

The travel trailer of the future is here, and for eco-conscious travelers, it's certainly one to write home about. THOR Industries, the parent company behind Airstream, recently unveiled the eStream, an all-electric, concept travel trailer that aims to get travelers truly off the grid in a sustainable way.

While new Airstream models in recent months stand out for their aesthetic interior design and 4x4 drivetrain, the eStream is taking a new approach: The 22-foot RV, which can sleep up to four people comfortably and features a rear bed and convertible dinette in the front, is notable less for its look and more for the way it revolutionizes RV design, from its remote maneuverability capabilities to a high-capacity battery bank.

"What the eStream represents for Airstream is a glimpse into our future," said Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO, in a statement. "We created an aspirational travel trailer—something that supports and encourages a sustainable way to travel and gives future customers the opportunity to spend more time off-grid pursuing their passions without having to worry about managing their resources. It's really about improving the customer experience and making sure we deliver a sustainability-focused product at the end of that road."

Read on to learn about the eStream's most remarkable features.

eStream interior

Courtesy of Airstream

Energy Generated by the Combined Use of a High-Voltage Power Bank and Solar Power

With the capacity to store up to 80 kWhrs of power in its battery bank, the eStream offers more than 30 times the amount of energy that many Airstream models can. According to Airstream, the high-voltage lithium batteries can power kitchen appliances like the stove and onboard systems such as the air conditioning and refrigerator without connecting to shore power or using a diesel generator.

The roof also carries five 180-watt semi-flexible solar panels, generating 900 watts of solar power. The combined use of solar panels and batteries lends so much energy that travelers who truly want to disconnect can get off the grid (in every sense of the word) for up to two weeks (this varies on location and access to sunshine).

"There's enough power in this concept travel trailer to bring all the comforts of home and to run all of its systems for an extended period of time off-grid," said McKay Featherstone, Airstream VP of Product Development and Engineering. "It's going to help customers go wherever they want to go and to stay there as long as they wish."

The eStream also has a 30-amp input, allowing campers to charge it up at existing RV campground hookups.

"Not only is the eStream compatible with the current infrastructure, but its solar capacity and 30-amp hookup make it versatile for just about any kind of travel you can imagine," said Wheeler. "With more charging stations coming across the country and many campgrounds starting to install them, we're watching that infrastructure grow day by day."

Tesla towing eStream

Courtesy of Airstream

Improved Aerodynamics and Safety Features

The towing range for the eStream is above and beyond older Airstream models, allowing RVers to travel even longer distances. To that end, the design team behind the eStream improved upon the Airstream Silver Bullet's aerodynamic drag by 20 percent and introduced drive-assist motors in the axles that enable the eStream to move behind the travel trailer in a more energy-efficient way.

The electric powertrain, combined with the chassis, also has additional features that allow for safer travel, including anti-theft technology that locks the motors, anti-sway and stability controls, and powered wheels that provide extra traction when driving through unsafe weather conditions like slick roads.

Remote Maneuverability

Soon the days of navigating tight corners with difficult blind spots will be over. For those who will primarily use the 22-foot RV to camp, the eStream has 360-degree maneuverability and can be backed into any campsite using a remote control.

"Backing up a travel trailer is one of the most intimidating things for new customers—and sometimes even for customers with plenty of experience," said Featherstone. "With this remote control capability, we've completely eliminated that—with one finger on the phone or tablet, you can easily move the eStream into any tight spot or position it, so the solar panels catch more of the sun. You may drive the trailer into a tight campsite, or it might just be a gas station or storage or anywhere that you need to maneuver with precision."


Courtesy of Airstream

Voice Commands and Touch Screens

While some of the more advanced tech features are still in development, Airstream says that future owners can expect a "state-of-the-art signal booster that provides 5G connectivity and a Wi-Fi hotspot"—an absolute necessity for anyone hoping to use the RV as a remote work base. The booster will also allow for the use of voice commands to control lighting and access support resources.

Other design features to look forward to are touch screens for monitoring your power, water, and waste tanks and an app that, when finished, will make planning your trip even easier. While the details are yet to be announced, the app "will be curated to maximize efficiency, range, charging, accessibility, and height restrictions."

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