Work from Home, or Wherever, with Airstream’s New Flying Cloud Model

It's the perfect corner office

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB galley


With working from home now a way of life for many people, brands have taken notice. From hotel chains offering work from anywhere or virtual school packages to the trend of flexcations, more and more people are clocking in hours and Zoom-ing away from any- and everywhere. The latest company to cater to the trend? Airstream. The maker of those iconic aluminum travel trailers has just released a new model, complete with a cozy office space. 

What separates this latest Flying Cloud model from the others is at the rear of the trailer, just off the bathroom. The Flying Cloud 30FB Office includes a sizable desk that can fit a ton of devices, USB ports, drawers, and overhead storage.

There are also handy features like a swivel chair that straps in when the trailer’s in motion and an overhead storage surface that doubles as a dry-erase board for important notes and to-do lists. The office's seating area can even convert to a small bed because, as we all know, all those Zooms can be exhausting. 

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB overview


The rear space also comes with a view thanks to three windows, but the blackout curtains help control light for any video calls or just reduce the glare on your monitor. And there’s even a privacy divider for extra peace and quiet.

“Airstream has always provided the freedom of a mobile living, playing, and working space, but the Flying Cloud 30FB Office takes that promise to the next level with flexibility and comfort in a design inspired by real-world experience,” Bob Wheeler, Airstream's president and CEO, said in a statement.

Like the other Flying Cloud models, which have been around since 1949, the 30FB also features a queen-sized bed, couch, dinette (which converts to a sleeping area), bathroom, and not one but three closets. 

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB office


It’s no surprise Airstream would upgrade a popular model to respond to the times as COVID-19 hasn’t just changed the way we travel, but also work. Permanently.

“We know that the work landscape will forever be changed by the pandemic. This new offering reflects our commitment to be nimble and react to the needs of current and future customers,” said Wheeler.

Airstream dealers are currently accepting orders for this sweet ride, but if you’re ready to hitch your wagon, be prepared to drop some cash. The Flying Cloud 30FB Office retails for $107,500.