Airstream Basecamp is the Smallest Silver Bullet On the Road

A look at the Basecamp and everything it has to offer RVers

Airstream Basecamp
Airstream, Inc.

Airstream is arguably the most iconic and recognizable brands of RVs on the market. Airstream has weathered a Great Depression, the Second World War, the disco craze, and still produces their practical and striking silver bullets to this day. That kind of work ethic and perseverance has led them to become one of the most popular brands of RV available with Airstream-only RV parks, Airstream rallies, and even an entire Airstream neighborhood.

Past success doesn’t mean that Airstream is done innovating and creating better models for their client base, as we can see with the brand new Airstream Basecamp. Let’s look at the fascinating new Basecamp including who it is meant for, what it is meant for, and some of the amenities and features that come with it.

What Kind of RV is the Airstream Basecamp?

The Airstream Basecamp will be Airstream’s lightest travel trailer currently available. This latest addition will be extremely lightweight but functional, and it is still loaded with plenty of amenities and features to go along with some technological advances and that signature silver skin. Airstream is known for its “Silver Bullet” style. This iconic look and feel for its trailers have made the Airstream one of the most durable and longest lasting RVs on the market. The Airstream Basecamp is the latest in a long line of innovative designs that make Airstream one of the most innovative RV manufacturers in the industry.

Who is the Airstream Basecamp Meant for?

Who better to tell us about who the Airstream Basecamp is meant for than the Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler? Wheeler states:

“[That the Basecamp] was designed for the persons who’s unsure about owning a larger travel trailer because it either wouldn’t fit their lifestyle or in their driveway.”

Though it hasn’t fully hit the road yet the Airstream Basecamp has been heralded as a travel trailer for the “weekend warrior.” The Basecamp’s small size makes it perfect for families or owners who need a travel trailer they can easily stash away but have at the ready when they’re ready to hit the road. If you’re not sure you need a fifth wheel RV or toy hauler, but something bigger than a teardrop trailer, the Basecamp might just be what you’re looking for size-wise.

This isn’t the first time that Airstream has utilized a lightweight travel trailer, earlier versions have been available since 2006 but the recession of 2008 took its toll on the RV market and production of the model ceased. Airstream came back to the drawing board to re-release the model with some great improvements.

You don’t have to have a full-size truck to haul the Basecamp. The Basecamp’s GVWR of 3,500 pounds means that even small SUVs and crossovers won’t have an issue hauling it. Overall the Basecamp is a sensible weekend solution for many customers looking to get into RVing.

Features and Amenities of the Airstream Basecamp

Exterior Highlights

  • Fluorocarbon treated UV protected aluminum exterior
  • Temper tinted windows
  • Handcrafted aluminum window frames
  • Insulated and heated aluminum underbelly
  • Slide in visor patio awning
  • Pre-wired and ready for solar power
  • Exterior hot/cold shower
  • Hand painted chassis
  • Nev-R-Adjust brakes

Interior Highlights

  • Panoramic front window with blackout shades
  • Cable/satellite hookups
  • Bose Bluetooth Soundlink color speaker
  • 14,300 BTUTruma CombiTM Eco Plus heating system
  • Kitchenette, some would even call it a full kitchen includes two burner stove, sink, refrigerator, microwave, and microwave. The kitchen also has plenty of built-in storage for your kitchen dishes, gadgets, and more
  • A private wet bath that features a removable handheld shower and a toilet
  • Convertible bedroom/dining area
  • Pop up tables for dining
  • Pop up charging station including USB ports

Where to Get Your Hands on an Airstream Basecamp

Unfortunately, sales of the Airstream Basecamp won’t be available until October 2016. In the meantime, you can head over to Airstream’s website to take a look at more of the Basecamp’s specifications, amenities, floor plan, or request a free brochure of the Basecamp.

Wheeler says of the Airstream Basecamp:

“We designed Basecamp to rekindle the desire to explore nature and get outdoors."

When you pair the Basecamp’s unimposing size and weight with its rich features and amenities you get a great RV made by one of the finest RV manufacturers out there. Head over to Airstream’s website to learn about this compact but powerful travel trailer.

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