Airports Featuring Smoking Lounges

Here's Where to Smoke If You Need to Light Up

Smoking is a health hazard and has gotten a bad rap, but there are still plenty of people who want to light up. Smokers who want to have a cigarette before getting on a plane or as they are transferring to another flight can find special lounges, complete with matches and ashtrays, along with designated areas in bars and restaurants, at dozens of airports across the globe.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport

Smoking area at Ataturk Airport
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There are smoking lounges located throughout this airport in Mumbai, India, in both the departure and arrival terminals. The locations in Terminal 1 include the arrival hall next to belt five and in departures between gates 26 and 27. In Terminal 2, locations include level 4 retail and gate 28 (international departures), level 3 retail, gate 42 and gate 47 (domestic departures), as well as in the arrivals hall on level 2, between bag belts 1 and 2, near belt 5 and near belt 12. For more detailed directions to the designated areas, visit the CSMIA website.

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Smoking is only allowed at one of three Graycliff Lounges (Gate 11). For a $6 entrance fee, you get full-day access to the lounge and a complimentary drink. In addition to selling cigarettes and cigars, the lounge also offers coffee and chocolate. You must be 21 and over to use the lounge.

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Geneva Airport

The airport has one smoking lounge, located in the transit area of ​Terminal T1. The lounge is spacious, can accommodate many passengers at once and are fitted with smoke extractors. The lounge is well designed, inviting, and provides a comfortable place to smoke and relax. There is no charge.

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Nashville International Airport

The Graycliff Cigar Company offers two in-house smoking lounges. The first is at Concourse B by Gate B-10 and Concourse C by Gate C-10. The lounges cost $4 to enter.

Handcrafted cigars and tobacco products are sold. 

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The airport has several smoking lounges and rooms located before and after passport control. Before passport control, smoking areas are located outside Schiphol Plaza. The areas are clearly marked with white dotted lines. After passport control, most smoking lounges are located inside airport bars.

In the Netherlands, in general, smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces.

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Smoking is not permitted in public areas at the airport, but smokers have access to lounges located around the airport. The airport has at least one, sometimes two, smoking lounges in each of its Concourses except Concourse D.

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McCarran International Airport

In addition to outdoor smoking areas near ticketing and baggage claim, the airport allows smoking at the gaming lounges located at the B, C, D, & E Gates, as well as Barney's Lounge in Gate C and the Bud 29 Track Lounge in the T1 Esplanade.

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Hamad International Airport

The airport maintains a strict no-smoking policy outside of its designated smoking lounges. The lounges are fitted with smoke extractors and located in the departures terminals throughout the airport.

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Narita Airport

The airport has 14 smoking lounges in Terminal 1 and 19 in Terminal 2. Located throughout the airport and on nearly every floor, the lounges are hard to miss. However, they are clearly marked and can be easily found using the airport maps. Smoking outside the passenger terminals is prohibited.

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Kansai Airport

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking lounges located throughout the airport, and smoking areas in some of the airport restaurants. The airport has 19 lounges in Terminal 1, six in Terminal 2 and two in Aeroplaza. The lounges are completely closed off and can be found using airport maps.

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Salt Lake City International Airport

Smoking at the airport is only allowed at designated spots outside the terminals. Smoking and vaping (or e-cigarettes) are permitted only in designated areas in front of the terminals, 25 feet from entrances. 

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Washington Dulles International Airport

Smoking in the airport is only allowed in designated smoking lounges. The lounges are located throughout the airport at each concourse: near gates B37, B73, C2, and D30. Anyone found smoking outside of the designated areas will be required to pay a $25 fine.

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Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) does not permit E-cigarette use indoors. Smoking is permitted outside the terminals on the Arrivals and Departures levels across the street from Concourse D, E, F, H, and J, and in an open-air (open at the top) atrium attached to the airport’s TGI Fridays restaurant near Gate D-36.