Major Airports in Scandinavia

Find the Airport in Scandinavia Closest to Your Destination

Flying to Iceland, Finland, or Sweden? There are many large international airports in Scandinavia. If you're not sure which airport is closest to your final travel destination, check out this guide to all the airports in the region -- once you've selected your airport, simply compare flight prices from your point of origin.

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    The Copenhagen international airport
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    Aalborg Airport lies in northern Jutland, serving travelers with destinations in and around northern Denmark. Small, but also less crowded than other airports in Scandinavia.

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    Aarhus Airport is a smaller airport in Scandinavia but has a very central location - basically, in the heart of Denmark - which is great for travelers on the move. Good traffic connections.

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    Denmark's largest airport is Copenhagen International Airport, just a few miles away from the capital Copenhagen. Best choice if your destination is Copenhagen or another location on the Danish island Zealand - or even Malmo, Sweden by using the Oresund Bridge.

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    Esbjerg airport is another medium-sized airports. This Scandinavian airport has good traffic connections and serves you well if you're going to western Jutland, especially the beloved west coast of Denmark.

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    Helsinki Vantaa Airport is another very large airport in Scandinavia, and often the best choice for travelers visiting Helsinki and the south of Finland. Plenty of connections to smaller Scandinavian airports are possible from here as well.

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    Ivalo airport is a definite favorite for destinations in northern Scandinavia. This airport lies very far in the north of Finland and offers short distances to Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

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    Joensuu Airport is a medium-sized airport offering visitors good access to central and eastern Finland, along with the beautiful lakes and landscapes of the region. Russia is not too far away, either.

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    Lappeenranta Airport is a smaller Scandinavian airport and is relatively quiet. If your destination is in or around southeast Finland, this airport would be a good choice.

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    While not a big Scandinavian airport, Tampere Pirkkala Airport offers quite a few flights at reasonable prices and is a good alternative to flying into ​Helsinki.

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    A smaller Scandinavian airport, Vasaa Airport is located on the Finnish west coast and mainly used by visitors heading for the Baltic Sea or central Finland.
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    Iceland's biggest airport, and a major Scandinavian airport as well: Keflavik International Airport. A short drive away from Iceland's capital Reykjavik, Keflavik International Airport offers superb connections to and from other Scandinavian countries.

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    Not as large as the major airports in Scandinavia, the airport in Bergen is a good choice if you're going to Norway's west coast. Also, this airport sometimes has cheaper flight prices than Oslo Gardermoen Airport.
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    A major airport in Scandinavia is definitely Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway's capital Oslo. Nice for travel destinations in southern Norway or central Sweden. Also, connections are great and flights to smaller Scandinavian airports are no problem from here.

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    If you want to avoid the busy Stockholm Arlanda International airport, head to Goteborg (Gothenburg) using the Goteborg Landvetter Airport, which is not too far from Stockholm. Great for travelers heading out to western Sweden and southern Norway.

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    Flying to Malmo's major airport in southern Sweden is a good choice if you're going to visit Malmo, Copenhagen, or Gothenburg -- all are close. It's a smaller airport, but it's in good shape and service is timely.

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    Stockholm Arlanda Airport is one of the biggest airports in Scandinavia and has always played a major role there. It is centrally located, and if you're not visiting Stockholm, it also offers lots of connections to remote airports in Scandinavia.