Airports in and Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto Pearson airport

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The city of Toronto has one major international airport, but several other airports in the area may also be convenient for your visit.

Although the Toronto Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in Canada, the Billy Bishop Airport is actually closer to downtown Toronto, and if you want to visit the Niagara wine country on your way to the city, you can fly into the Niagara Falls International Airport or the Hamilton International Airport instead.

No matter which way you decide to arrive​ in Toronto, though, you're sure to find great destinations and accommodations for your trip to this Ontario city. Just make sure you book your hotel and dinner reservations ahead of time.

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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

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    The Toronto Pearson International Airport, commonly known as the Toronto Airport (code YYZ), is the major airport serving the Toronto area and the busiest airport in Canada. Located in Mississauga, part of the Greater Toronto Area, the airport is actually about 25 minutes from downtown Toronto with no traffic. Unlike many metropolitan airports, the Toronto airport has no light rail or subway to downtown Toronto, so to get to and from the Toronto Airport you have to take a taxi, limo, or shuttle service.

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    Billy Bishop Airport , Toronto

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    The Billy Bishop Airport, commonly known as the Toronto Island Airport, (code YTZ), is conveniently located just offshore downtown Toronto, near Union Station and many major hotels and attractions. The only airline that serves the Toronto city center is Porter Airlines, a short-haul airline with destinations in northeast Canada and the U.S. Porter has a refreshing approach to air travel and customer service and offers complimentary cappuccino in the airport lounge.

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    Hamilton International Airport in Ontario.

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    Leaving Toronto, but in the immediate area, the Hamilton International Airport (code YHM) offers advantages including competitively priced flights, a convenient location for exploring the Niagara Wine Region, and more affordable accommodation near the airport. Hamilton is about an hour south of Toronto, though, so if you're planning on visiting the city, you'll have to either rent a car, take a bus, or call for an expensive cab.

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    Buffalo Niagara International Airport

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    Farther south of Toronto are two other options. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport (code BUF) is about two hours away from Toronto, but if flying in from another U.S. destination, it may be considerably cheaper than flying into Toronto. In addition, the Buffalo Airport is smaller and easier to get in and out of; you will not have to face customs at the airport but at the U.S.-Canada border instead. Buffalo's location will also allow you to drive through the Niagara region, giving you the opportunity to stop along the way in Niagara Falls or indulge in wine tasting in the Niagara wine region.

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    Niagara Falls International Airport

    Niagara Falls International Airport

    Niagara Falls International Airport 

    Flying into Niagara Falls International Airport is another alternative to bigger, more congested international airports like Toronto's. The Niagara Falls airport is close to the U.S.-Canada border and boasts a $31.5 million passenger terminal, which was installed in 2009. The airport has become popular for ultra-low fares offered by Spirit and Vision airlines on flights between Florida, New York City, and Niagara Falls.