Airport Parking at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

If you are headed on a trip—or picking up a returning passenger—knowing what time to arrive at the airport might be only the first step of the journey. Once at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, you'll be confronted with a slew of choices about where to park your automobile.

As MSP is served by several parking ramps and lots, with a choice of on-airport, off-airport, covered parking, uncovered parking, the options can be overwhelming. We have you covered.

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Covered Airport Parking at the Lindberg Terminal

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The most convenient place to park for many travelers flying from the Lindbergh terminal is at the on-airport ramp at the Lindbergh terminal. Unsurprisingly, it's also the most expensive place to park at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

As the Lindbergh ramp often fills midweek, the next most convenient place is parking at the Humphrey terminal and catching the Light Rail to the Lindbergh terminal. The journey is free.

Is the ramp full at the Lindbergh terminal? Check real-time parking information at the airport's website, or by calling 1-877-FLY-PARK.

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Covered Airport Parking at the Humphrey Terminal

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On-airport parking at the Humphrey terminal is several dollars cheaper per day than parking at the Lindbergh terminal; the ramp is less busy too. Pay with a credit card to get the lowest rate.

For travelers flying out of the Lindbergh terminal, the Hiawatha Light Rail train connects directly to the Humphrey parking ramp, and there is no charge to ride the train between the terminals.

Confirm real-time parking information at the airport's website, or calling 1-877-FLY-PARK.

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Covered and Uncovered Airport Parking at Park N Fly, Minneapolis

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Park N Fly is less than a mile from the airport. The lot is located on the other side of the 494 freeway running along the airport's south perimeter.

The company has a choice of covered parking in their ramp, or surface parking in the lot. 24-hour airport service, and several special offers and frequent-flyer programs can get a discount parking rate.

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Uncovered Airport Parking at Park N Go, Bloomington

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Another option within a mile of the airport, this lot is on the other side of the 494 freeway. Park N Go offers surface parking and 24-hour airport service. This company also offers various discounts on parking rates.

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Uncovered Airport Parking at EZ Air Park, Eagan

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EZ Air Park is based in Eagan, about six miles east of Airport. The parking is in secure outdoor lots, and they have 24-hour airport service to both terminals.

Convenient if you are traveling from St. Paul, the east metro or south metro areas, but EZ Air Park rates are often comparable or more expensive than closer off-airport options.

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Can I Park and Ride to MSP Airport at the Light Rail Stations?

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No. The park-and-ride stations on the Light Rail and the Mall of America prohibit overnight parking at their parking lots. Your car won't be there when you get back if you try it.

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Alternatives to Airport Parking: Taxis

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As Minneapolis-St. Paul airport is in the middle of a compact metropolitan area, many travelers from the Twin Cities, particularly ones who will be away more than a week, will find it cheaper to take a taxi to the airport.

The cheapest airport parking is around $10.00 per day. A taxi or car service from downtown St. Paul runs about $20.00 one way. A ride from downtown Minneapolis is approximately $30.00 one way. 

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Alternatives to Airport Parking: Public Transit

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Advantages: It's the cheapest way to get to the airport.

Disadvantages: It can be the slowest way to get to the airport. Plus, there's the hassle of taking your suitcases on board the bus and changing buses and trains with those bags.

The Hiawatha Light Rail line serves both terminals of Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. More people than ever take public transport to the airport.

If you live in downtown Minneapolis, it's a breeze to get to the airport. Many bus routes connect directly to Light Rail stations, so if you are in Minneapolis or St. Paul you are probably only one or two buses away from the airport or the light rail.

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