How Airbnb Plans to Prevent Unruly New Year's Eve Parties

Remember, we're still in the middle of a pandemic

Airbnb Punta Mita

Courtesy of Airbnb

While we might blame all the terrible things that have happened in 2020 on the year itself, unfortunately, we don't live in a fairy tale: when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, everything won't magically go back to normal. So in case you've forgotten, we're still in a pandemic, which means you should not be going to a giant New Year's Eve party.

In past years, vacation rental platform Airbnb was a great tool for booking mansions, penthouses, and other unique venues for lively fêtes (so long as the hosts' rules allow them). But in light of the pandemic, Airbnb has cracked down on all parties of any size, banning them outright.

Of course, Airbnb expects there to be rulebreakers, so they're doubling down security on New Year's Eve rentals, enacting a series of measures to deter mass celebrations. As of Dec. 3, 2020, Airbnb guests in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, and Spain who do not have a history of positive reviews will not be able to make one-night reservations in entire-home listings. Guests who do have a history of positive reviews will still be able to make one-night reservations.

Additionally, the platform will require that all guests booking a stay over New Year's Eve to agree that they will not throw an unauthorized party, and if they do, Airbnb may take legal action against them. Airbnb will also deploy a virtual command center on New Year's Eve to assist hosts and guests with any issues that might arise.

Any one-night bookings for New Year's Eve made before Dec. 3 will be unaffected by these new restrictions, "as our data has historically shown that one-night New Year’s Eve bookings made prior to now very rarely lead to unauthorized parties," per Airbnb's statement.

So if you do want to book an Airbnb for the holiday, you're certainly allowed to do so—just please be safe and smart about your stay by adhering to Airbnb's protocols, as well as any local rules about pandemic precautions.