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Air travel can be confusing. You have questions, so allow Trip Savvy's contributors to answer them, via past stories we've written. Below we cover topics including cheap air fares, seating, airport security, baggage fees and the safest airlines and aircraft.

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    Terminal D, DFW Airport
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    Airlines' practice of voluntary or involuntary bumping went viral after video showed United Airlines' violent attempt to remove a passenger from a flight to accommodate a crew. Trip Savvy has an updated post outlining travelers' rights when it comes to bumping.

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    Many travelers want to fly with their pets. The airlines have myriad rules for bringing Fido and Miss Kitty on that next flight. Check out this comprehensive list of the policies for carry-on and checked pets before you get to the airport.

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    Is it worth it to pay for Global Entry?

    Photo courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

     In a word: Yes. If you only travel internationally once a year, it's worth it. International flights coming into the U.S. tend to land around the same time, which leads to long lines as you try and enter the country. Skip those lines by heading straight for the Global Entry kiosk. and bonus -- you're automatically enrolled in TSA PreCheck.

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    An older man checking in at an airport check-in desk.
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    There is no reason for travelers to check in at the airport. Most airlines now have apps that allow you to easily and quickly check in up to 48 hours before your flight. Passes can be printed or downloaded onto a smartphone.

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    The airlines set their own rules on how pregnant a woman can be before she's no longer allowed to travel. Trip Savvy has created a list looking at the policies of 20 global carriers. 

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    Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

     I explain what jet lag is. I also offer tips on how it can be alleviated. 

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    How Can I Find the Cheapest Air Fares?

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    Everyone always wants to know how to find the lowest prices on airline tickets. I offer a list of websites and apps that help you find the best fares.

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     I am one of those people who must have an aisle seat. I will do whatever it takes to get one, so I offer you my best tips on how to avoid sitting in the dreaded middle seat.

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    TSA agents screen passengers at LAX
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    There are simple things you can do to ensure that you don't get trapped in an airport security lines, and I outline eight of them.

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    Photo courtesy of Jared and Corin/Wikipedia

    There's always underlying stress when you have to connect to catch a second flight to your final destinations. Read my 10 tips to ensure your connections always go smoothly.

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    There's a lot of information available about airports, from transportation to food/beverage/retail and parking. Here's my list of the top airports in the world and all the information you need.

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    American Airlines Baggage Policies
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    Personally, I don't check a bag if I can help it. But if you have to check them, I offer eight ways to avoid paying a fee for the privilege.

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    The worst has happened and you need to know what to do. My post outlines what the airlines will -- and won't -- do to get you to where you want to go.

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    Photo courtesy of Qantas

    Anxious fliers always want to know which airlines are the safest. According to, Qantas is the safest. See which other airlines made the list.

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    American Airlines plane
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    I also get this question. In this post, I tell you the top 10 safest aircraft.

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    What Happens If the Airlines Lose Your Luggage?

    This has happened to me three times in my travel career, and it is not fun. But by following these tips, you have a chance of getting your bags back.

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    Photo courtesy of United Airlines

     It's tough, but not impossible to get that upgrade. Read about what you can do to increase your odds.

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     What happens if you need to get home for a family member's illness or death? The top U.S. airlines have different policies for bereavement fares, and I list them here.

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    If you have a kid and you travel, at some point, said kid will need to travel alone. I outline the policies of the top five U.S. carriers.

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    airplane in flight
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    This post could go on, but you have to stop somewhere. So check out this link with more answers to your air travel questions.