Stockholm Sweden's Ågesta Nude Beach

Bridge Over Magelungen Lake
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The Ågesta nude beach in the Stockholm area is an officially-designated nude beach and is the most popular place for clothing-optional swimming and sunbathing in the Swedish capital. Maintained by the naturist association, Naturistföreningen Eos, it's a busy beach for both locals and visitors as nudism in Sweden is widely accepted and considered healthy. In the summer, the beach is considered a base for the naturist association members although entry is free to the public year around. You'll find Ågesta nude beach on the southern tip of Lake Magelungen in the town of Huddinge. 

Beach Facilities

Ågesta nude beach is an attractive sandy beach with typical facilities that are well-maintained. Families are welcome at this beach. The beach has:  

  • Public restroom facilities
  • Picnic tables and barbecue area
  • Play areas
  • Tapwater
  • Trash bins

How to Get to Ågesta Beach

You can get to the beach by car or public transportation.

  • By bus, take line 742 or line 833 from Stockholm to the Rödmossevägen stop. It's a 500-meter walk from the bus stop.
  • By car, drive to the southern end of Lake Magelungen and follow the signs to Ågesta nude beach. The beach is just 100 meters from the parking lot.
  • By subway, take the train to the Farsta Strand stop. 

Swedish Nudity Laws, Norms, and Etiquette

There are no laws in Sweden banning nudity, however, if you go sans clothing in public you can still get in trouble with the law if your nudity is found to be upsetting to other people or if you intentionally take your clothes off in front of others. At that point, you may be considered guilty of harassment. So it is important to keep a distance from others if you are in a mixed-use area and watch your behavior if you are in a designated nude area.

  • You may swim and sunbathe naked even at a regular beach.
  • You may wear a bathing suit or clothing at a public nude beach.
  • It is considered harassment to intentionally expose yourself to someone in public outside your home.
  • It is not proper to wear clothing in a sauna. You should bring a towel to sit on and can use that for coverage if desired.
  • Women often sunbathe topless and the rules for this are much more lenient than for total nudity.
  • It's not proper etiquette to stare at others who are undressed.
  • Being naked in your own home is acceptable and considered part of healthy living.
  • Sexual activity while being nude in public is unacceptable. 
  • It is typical for families to sunbathe and swim nude together unless the beach or resort is for adults only.
  • While getting an all-over tan is the norm, it's wise to use sunscreen to avoid burning.
  • When having a bite to eat at a snack bar or restaurant at a nude beach, most people put their clothing back on or wear a cover-up.

More Nude Beaches to Visit

There are approximately 20 nude beaches in Norway and almost 70 in Sweden, and half are official nude beaches designated by the city government like Ågesta nude beach. The rest of the beaches are public beaches or natural areas where nude bathing is established through tradition.

Swedish nude beaches are popular with locals and tourists alike. Some have restaurants or snack bars and restrooms, while some are simply isolated stretches of sand where you take your clothes off and feel one with nature.

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