Afternoon Tea In Las Vegas At Bellagio

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I often look at my life compared to what I may or may not have been doing just ten years ago and I laugh. There is no reason why I should be writing about Afternoon Tea. None. Zero. I should be telling you what Las Vegas bars are best in the afternoon or where you can go for happy hour in Las Vegas. Instead, I’m thinking about finger foods and tea in a luxury hotel. In my defense I have written about the great cocktails at the Petrossian Bar inside Bellagio Las Vegas and the truth is the minute I’m done having tea I’ll probably be having a Hemingway Daiquiri at the bar.

Much can be said about the nightlife in Las Vegas as well as afternoons by the pools that cater to the party people that keep the lights on in Las Vegas, but what we don’t hear enough about are the little things that are just as important and for me (oh, I can’t believe I’m typing this) are just as much fun. I’m talking about Afternoon Tea at Bellagio Las Vegas inside the Petrossian Bar.

The Afternoon Tea Experience in Las Vegas

I’m going to admit to you that I have on more than one occasion walked to the back of the bar and sat down for tea service. The transition from the lunch hour to happy hour to late afternoon is done right with some afternoon tea. I’m not going to go all traditional and explain the history of the art of tea in the afternoon but I will tell you that every now and then you have to sit back and embrace what plenty of other cultures do on a regular basis. We could aim for a siesta or we can lounge with some snacks, tea and conversation.

The area just off the main room of the Petrossian Bar is reserved for Tea Service daily and you’ll be surprised by the spread. The tower of finger foods is impressive and elegant. Each time I have afternoon tea at Bellagio, I feel like a fraud, as if someone will come in and ask me just what I’m trying to prove. I almost always explain this to the server who then laughs at the thought of me being escorted out for not being proper enough for tea and sandwiches. She thinks I'm nuts and reminds me that everybody has tea even the working class.

That's good enough for me.

The setting is elegant and you are close enough to listen to the pianist that performs regularly on the grand piano. The tower of pastries and sandwiches are exactly what you should expect from a luxury hotel. The scones are a flaky bit of paradise and the soft white bread on the sandwich remind me of the summer afternoons of my childhood. It’s elegant and fun. I have seem more women than men enjoying tea but that only means that women have found the secret to afternoon relaxation.

Afternoon Tea at Bellagio Las Vegas

Inside Petrossian Bar

Afternoon Tea Service from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m

Afternoon Tea Cost:

$35.00 per person

$2.00 additional per person for Jasmine Tea

$13.00 additional per person for Sparkling Wine

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