Africa's Best Destinations and Attractions

Where to Go in Africa

Girl in Pink, Northern Ghana, West Africa
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Not sure where to go in Africa? Find out about Africa's top destinations if you are looking to go on safari, trekking, cycling, cooking, backpacking and more. Africa's regions all offer unique activities and sights as well.

North Africa, offers up historic walled cities filled with life and color, the Pyramids in Egypt and the breathtaking Sahara Desert. Some of he world's best beaches, wildlife, rare mountain gorillas, awesome treks, and fascinating Maasai and Swahili culture can be found in East Africa. West Africa is a wealth of color, culture, vibrant cities, beautiful desert towns, superb music, as well as a rich history and some soul searching historic slave sights that are not to be missed. Southern Africa is home to the Victoria Falls, the wonderful city of Cape Town, whales, penguins, the wildlife riches of the Okavango Delta, Luangwa and Zambezi Valleys, Kurger National Park and much more.

Best Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is a huge, diverse continent with limitless opportunities for travelers. Here are my picks for Africa's best destinations. Planning a trip around any of these destinations will be worthwhile.



In my opinion every country in Africa is worth visiting, each has unique attractions, both cultural and natural. But there are some countries that are more popular than others, and I've broken down some "best of lists" for those as well.



Best Things to Do in Africa

Africa is a dream for adventure travelers, but the romantics can have their fair share of perfect beaches and relaxed pampering as well. Of course, going on an African safari is one of the most popular attractions in sub-Saharan Africa.


Best Places to Stay in Africa

It's difficult to narrow down lodging options for entire countries, but the list below is a start. Check back for more to come since Africa is home to some of the most unique hotels on the planet.


Best of the Rest in Africa

Here are some more personal favorites of mine that will hopefully inspire you to learn more about Africa and of course plan a visit.


Hopefully you will have enjoyed one or many more of these by the time you have read through it all. Your next step would be to tell your friends all about it and dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about Africa you know are untrue.

After You Visit Africa ...

If you have travelled to Africa, enjoyed a safari or shopped in the streets of Marrakech - share your experiences and help promote a positive image of the continent. Care about Africa's wildlife? Encourage your friends and family to visit, it's the best way to provide jobs and keep wildlife safe.

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