Yoga 550ft. In the Air in Las Vegas

You Can Practice Yoga On The High Roller at The LINQ Las Vegas

Cassidy Blackwell Practicing Yoga On The High Roller Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

I lay face down on my yoga mat and peek up as the instructor asks us to concentrate on our breathing. The bright blue Las Vegas sky is distracting me. The far away sand stone cliffs are in full view from way up high above the Las Vegas strip. I feel my body stretch and the stress from my lower back seems to have been replaced by air bubbles that make me feel longer. I am in the middle of a yoga class on the High Roller at the LINQ Las Vegas and I can’t believe just how alive I feel. 

Yoga on an observation wheel on the Las Vegas strip does feel very “Vegas” until you realize that you’re actually still practicing but the setting has just changed. “Your mat is where you practice, but this transports your practice. It’s far more open and bright,” Cassidy Blackwell, the other person taking the class with me explains, “it’s not standard yoga and that makes it special.”

Yoga On The High Roller at The LINQ

The Yoga class is a 60 minute personalized yoga experience on an observation wheel that tops out at 550 feet above the Las Vegas strip. Taught by Dray Gardener from Silent Savasana this unique yoga practice is great for any type of yogi. The beginner will appreciate the personalized attention to form and function while the experienced visitor will reap the benefits of a professional instructor to push you to new heights in your practice.

What To Expect:

Upon check in for Yoga on the high roller you are given a yoga mat and a water bottle to carry on to your pod of the High Roller. (you can bring your own mat) The spacious pod that can hold up to 40 people is reserved entirely for your yoga class that can include up to 5 other people. The average is four with plenty of classes with just two other people practicing. Each participant is given headphones to be able to listen to music and the instructor's voice. The soothing sound of his message along with music sets the tone for a class that is also dictated by the views of the Las Vegas valley. The 60 minute class will include two revolutions on the High Roller and near the 45 minute mark, while at the apex of the observation wheel, you will have a moment to take a look at the view and snap a few pictures.

The yoga class combines a little sightseeing with a serious practice.

Yoga: An Elevated Journey

High Roller at LINQ Las Vegas



Guests must book at least 24 hours in advance to reserve their experience. Upon arrival, they will check-in at the Charter Groups Entrance of the High Roller, where they’ll be greeted by their yoga instructor(s). From there, they will board the cabin, be placed into position by the instructor(s) and then the yoga journey will begin.

The sessions will be available seven days per week from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for $75 per person.* A premium sunset option will be available Monday through Wednesday at $85 per person and the time will fluctuate seasonally with the setting sun. Private, one-on-one yoga sessions are available at $250 per person or $300 for a couple. Five sessions can be purchased for $325 per person. Each experience includes a one-hour yoga session (two rotations), one complimentary High Roller reusable water bottle and the use of a yoga mat.

If you are looking to workout in Las Vegas there are plenty of great options.

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  • Yoga with Dolphins: If you want to be distracted while trying to practice yoga there is no better way than doing it with dolphins trying to get a peak at you. This experience is as special as you can imagine as you watch dolphins watch you. Try to concentrate, it will be a challenge. 
  • Canyon Ranch Spa: This spa at Venetian offers plenty of group classes that vary from spinning to rock climbing. The space is massive and the daily fee for non hotel guests is not ridiculous.
  • Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan: If you want to kick start your workout routine or jus maintain your endurance while on vacation this class will give you all you can handle. It works for all levels but you will feel it the next day.
  • Hike in Red Rock Canyon: If you just need to get out into the wide open spaces of the southern Nevada desert Red Rock Canyon is perfect for that. Find a trail at the visitors center and go off and explore the sand stone cliffs and slot canyons in the park that is just 25 minutes away from Las Vegas Blvd.


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