5 Aerial Adventures to Try in Puerto Rico

Whether you prefer to adventure by land, sea, or air, Puerto Rico has an experience for you. Sure, there's great golf and terrific sightseeing as well as a variety of water sports, unique tours, and delightful dining experiences, but if you prefer high-flying thrills, the island of Puerto Rico offers visitors five aerial adventures to choose from including ziplining, hang gliding, parasailing, skydiving, and even helicopter tours.

Plan your next vacation to Puerto Rico and make sure to check out some of these great—and relatively inexpensive—passtimes of the island people, each of which offers a unique perspective on the life, culture, and nature of this unincorporated American territory.

Remember, as a United States citizen, you do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico unless you will be landing or docking at an airport or port in another country on the way there. Avoiding international layovers can help greatly reduce your trip cost, so make sure you double check your flight or cruise path to make sure you don't need a passport before disembarking on your journey.

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Ziplining Above the Forests

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Ziplining has really taken off in Puerto Rico. There always seems to be a new outfit offering zip line tours in the mountainous interior, over marshy mangrove wetlands, or across forest valleys. 

But there's one zip line destination that recommended above all others, and that's Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. This eco-park boasts one of the longest zip lines in the world, a thrill-ride 600 feet in the air in a custom harness. If you prefer traditional zip lines instead, there's also plenty of them on-premise as well.

Other ziplining companies can be found at the Rainforest Zipline Park near the region of Rio Grande and in Utuado at the Batey Zipline Adventures facility. Be sure to check each company's website for pricing, hours of operation, and special discounts to better budget your ziplining trip to Puerto Rico.

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Hang Gliding

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El Yunque Rainforest is a pretty majestic setting for a trip to the clouds—the green carpet of Puerto Rico's interior stretches before it, all the way to a ribbon of blue that is the Atlantic Ocean—and Team Spirit offers comprehensive hang gliding tours in Canovanas, near Punta Santiago so you can see a unique view of this lush landscape.

While in Punta Santiago, you can also rent an ocean kayak, visit the mysterious Monkey Island, and stay at beachfront accommodations, allowing you to take in the many great sights, smells, and tastes of Puerto Rican life.

Aventuras Borincanas also offers paragliding and hang gliding lessons and tandem flights on the north central side of the island, where you can hike, fish, ride motocross bikes and ATVs and even sign up for off-roading adventures.

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Couple are parasailing in sky.
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As the name implies, parasailing takes the joys of boating and combines them with the thrill of parachuting, allowing adventure-seekers to take to the air right off the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

There are a few options if you want to parasail in Puerto Rico. A&J Adventures sails out of Fajardo; in Rincón, check out Flying Fish Parasail; in San Juan, look for Watersports4U right on Isla Verde Beach.

All of these facilities offer training and tandem flights to help guide first-time parasailors through the process of taking to the air. If you're a fan of both water and heights, this unique island adventure will be perfect for your trip to Puerto Rico's beautiful beaches.

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A group of people Skydiving together.
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Skydiving is one adventure most simply aren't eager to try, but if jumping out of a plane and seeing where the wind takes you is your idea of fun, Puerto Rico offers two options for you to take to the air. 

You can either go for a tandem skydive, which requires little training and is the safest way to go, as your instructor is strapped to your back, or an accelerated free fall, which you'll do without the assistance of an instructor. However, you will have to train for four to six hours and do a solo jump with two professionals first.

If you want to try skydiving, check out Puerto Rican Skydiving, which has agents around the island, or Xtreme Divers, located in Arecibo.

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Helicopter Tours

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For those who want to follow the path of least resistance, let someone else do the driving and take a helicopter tour of the island. Puerto Rico is a small territory, with incredible vistas that range from beach to forest to colonial fortification, and a helicopter tour will give you panoramic views of the island.

You can choose a city tour, mountain tour, coastal tour, or, for something special, an aerial trip to the Arecibo Observatory, home to the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world. From the air, this massive marvel of engineering ensconced in the mountains must be quite a sight.

Whatever you do, don't forget your camera. You'll see for yourself how incredibly picturesque and photogenic Puerto Rico is from the air. Vertical Solutions and Puerto Rico Helitours are two options if you want to fly on your next visit to the island.

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