5 Adventurous Things to do in Mallorca

Sailboats in the water near villas in Mallorca

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Located off the eastern coast of Spain in the heart of the western Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. First settled more than 2700 years ago, the island offers visitors plenty of history and culture to explore. It also happens to have outstanding food and wine options, lovely beaches, and a temperate climate that makes it a great place to visit all year round. But, despite its laid-back atmosphere and island charms, Mallorca also has plenty to offer adventurous travelers as well. Here are five such options to have on your radar if you plan to visit the island in the future. 

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Go Hiking in a World Heritage Site

Calo des moro in Mallorca

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Mallorca is home to a number of lovely beaches, but it also has some rugged hills and mountains to explore as well. Visit the Serra de Tramuntana – a World Heritage Site located along the northern coast – to see just how wild this Mediterranean Isle can truly be. A long-distance hiking route called the GR 221 runs for 103 miles between the villages of Deià and Pollença along a cobblestone path that is extremely well marked and easy to follow. Each night, trekkers can stay in comfortable huts maintained by the Island Council, while passing through quaint villages throughout they day. Walking the GR 221 end-to-end takes roughly 4-6 days to complete. 

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Cycle the Coast

Cycling Mallorca
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With its lovely pastoral setting and winding country roads, Mallorca is a popular destination for cyclists. In fact, it is not uncommon to see large pelotons of riders making their way along many of the scenic backcountry roads in pretty much every corner of the island. But for a truly memorable experience that includes quite a challenge, try riding the coastal road from Valdermossa to Sóller on the eastern side of Mallorca. This twisting mountain route is narrow, and makes its way up and down roads that will leave your legs screaming out for relief. But it also offers some of the most amazing views found anywhere on the island, with impressive looks of the Mediterranean along the way. The towns you pass through make for amazing settings too, and are a good place to take a break and soak up the atmosphere. It is a ride you will never forget. 

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Explore the Dragon's Cave

Dragon's Cave, Majorca

Mallorca is home to a number of impressive cave systems, which makes it a great destination for spelunkers or anyone who is looking to just wander around underground. But perhaps the most beautiful of these settings is the Cuevas del Drach – or the Dragon's Cave. Found along the island's east coast near the town of Porto Cristo. The cave's winding passageways stretch across a distance of more than 4000 feet through limestone stalactites and stalagmites, reaching as low as 80 feet beneath the surface. This is a subterranean wonderland that has to be seen to be believed, complete with twisting passageways, eerie natural sculptures, and even an underground lake. Most tours of the Dragon's Cave wrap up with a quartet of classical musicians serenading visitors from a boat, which only adds to the memorable experience. 

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Snorkel or Dive the Mediterranean Sea

Stairs leading to clear blue waters in Mallorca

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With its crystal clear blue waters and warm temperatures, Mallorca is a great destination for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. The island has a number of impressive marine species to spot just off the coast, and its white-sand beaches are perfect for those who simply like to wade out into the water and start enjoying their experience. Near the capital city of Palma, more adventurous divers will find numerous ship wrecks to explore, as all as a series of magnificent underwater caves. You'll even find an underwater nature reserve called El Toro near Santa Ponsa that offers a stunning array of fish and other sea creatures to swim with as well. 

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Sea Kayak the Mallorcan Coast

Blue Cave, Majorca
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The same turquoise waters that make Mallorca such a great place to snorkel or dive are also perfect for sea kayaking as well. Paddle along the rocky coasts and beautiful beaches to get an up-close and personal look at the amazing island setting, which remains in a natural, nearly-untouched state. You'll even find options to kayak through some of the islands amazing cave systems, including the beautiful Blue Cave. If you like to explore by kayak, you'll find plenty to do in Majorca too. 

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