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Founded in 1975 on the idea that more adults should have opportunities to travel and learn, Road Scholar has grown into a travel organization that provides just those kinds of opportunities. But if you're imagining a large group of gray-haired seniors taking a bus trip across Europe, perish that thought immediately. Instead, picture travelers of varying ages, who are both mentally and physically active, spending some time together on an engaging itinerary that is good for both the body and the mind.

Backpacking in the Grand Canyon, snorkeling in the Pacific, hiking through Chilkoot Pass, and biking in Vietnam and Cambodia, are just a few of the adventure travel opportunities that are offered through this not-for-profit group. Itineraries include a broad mix of activities and countries, and some are even specifically geared for intergenerational groups as well.

Whether on a trip that requires the traveler to be in good shape or a vacation that pursues mental candy, the focus is on learning more about what it is you are seeing and doing. Each trip description has an activity level rating that ranges from 1 to 7, with the highest requiring travelers be in excellent physical condition to handle the particular challenges of the itinerary. Most of the trips are also all-inclusive, other than the occasional meal or snacks here and there.

Road Scholar instructors and guides are all authorities on their particular topics, based upon their own lifelong interests in learning as much as they can about their favorite subject. They really enjoy passing along that knowledge to travelers on these unique excursions as well. Because the organization has been around for more than 40 years, the company has long-term connections with educators and local guides from across the globe.

Four Jewels: Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite & Death Valley
 Road Scholar

The Boss' Pitch: Why Travel With Road Scholar

James Moses, the president and CEO of the organization, says "Road Scholar learning adventures inspire adults to discover the world and explore diverse ideas along the way. Our not-for-profit mission is to create educational experiences for adults, offered at a remarkable value.

"Road Scholar engages renowned experts, professors, and instructors to share their knowledge and provide insider access to behind-the-scenes experiences. Since 1975, Road Scholar has served more than five million participants. Every year we offer a vast range of more than 7,000 learning adventures in every state and 150 countries, including active outdoor adventures, volunteering and grandparent/grandchild learning programs. Each year more than 100,000 extraordinary people become a part of our warm and welcoming educational community enjoying high-quality and transformational Road Scholar learning adventures."

Rim to Shore: Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure
 Road Scholar

Popular Adventure Travel Outings with Road Scholar

Road Scholer offers far too many itineraries to list here, but this is a sampling of some of the more popular options:

  • The Rim to Shore: Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure includes a hike on cloud forest trails in Poas Volcano National Park, kayaking on the waterways of Tortuguero, paddling outrigger canoes along the Pacific coastline, and spa treatments to soothe the sore muscles afterwards.
  • On Foot and On River takes travelers to the Mekong River and includes floating past rural villages and interacting with locals in both Vietnam and Cambodia, plus a visit to the legendary Angkor Wat Temple Complex—a place that should be on every traveler's bucket list. 
  • On the Tropical USA: Hike, Kayak, and Snorkel Puerto Rico trip travelers trek through rainforests, take a nighttime boat trip to the local bioluminescent bay, go snorkeling in clear waters, and much more. The trip is a chance to see Puerto Rico from a different perspective than the usual tourist routes, immersing visitors in the history and culture of the island. 
  • Four Jewels: Sequoia, Yosemite, and Death Valley National Parks are just one of several trips that Road Scholar offers to national parks across the U.S. Some involve hiking and biking, others are geared for inter-generational travel, allowing families to experience these amazing places together. 
  • Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu starts in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Trekkers walk along a stretch of the ancient Incan road system, passing through lush cloud forests and alpine tundra while exploring isolated Incan ruins along the way. The hike takes several days to complete, but eventually travelers arrive at the Sun Gate for a visit to the iconic mountaintop fortress of Machu Picchu. This is a true classic for Road Scholar in particular, but adventure travel in general.
  • The Alaska: Deep into the Last Frontier itinerary takes travelers to America's most remote and wild state where they travel by both land and sea, exploring the coastlines, mountains, and glaciers of Alaska. They'll even get the chance to visit Denali National Park, one of the most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes found anywhere on the planet.

To Learn More About Road Scholar

To learn more about Road Scholar visit RoadScholar.org or call 800-454-5768.

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