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 Anyone who travels regularly probably has a horror story or two to share about getting sick or suffering an unexpected injury while on the road, and then scrambling to deal with it. This can be especially problematic for adventure travelers, as we often find ourselves in remote places, and far away from any kind of meaningful medical care. That's why it is important to always carry a well stocked first aid kit with you no matter where you go, as you never know when you might need something as simple as a Band-Aid or more serious like gauze and full-sized bandages for wound care.

Fortunately, a company called Adventure Medical Kits has you completely covered in this area, providing fantastic first aid kits that are designed specifically with travelers, outdoor adventurers, mountaineers, and athletes in mind. 

The team at AMK has put a lot of thought and research into developing products that cater to the needs of travelers. Their first aid kids are meant to be lightweight and easy to carry, but still have everything you could possibly need to see you safely through your trip. For instance, you'll find a wide array of medications including painkillers, antidiarrheals, and cold medicines tucked away inside their kits. You'll also find ointments for treating burns and blisters, antiseptic wipes, syringes, bandage scissors, and much, much more.


These medical kits are designed to be grab-and-go, meaning you can toss them right into your backpack or luggage without having to think twice about what's inside. And since they are all fairly compact and lightweight, you might even forget that you brought it along on your trip right up until you really need it. It is then that you'll be glad you brought it along. 

If you carry one of these medical kits with you long enough, you'll naturally start to use some of the items found within. Whether its to dull the pain of a headache or stop the bleeding from a cut, some of the supplies will eventually start to run low. Of course, you're free to restock those items as you see fit, but AMK has even made it easy to get refills simply by ordering them directly from the company's website

I personally own two different Adventure Medical Kits, and never leave home on a major trip without one of them. Which one I bring along depends on the nature of the excursion. For most trips, where space and weight aren't a concern, I like to carry the World Travel Kit, which is stocked with enough supplies to support 1-4 people on a prolonged escape. It contains dozens of items and comes in a durable – yet compact – case that is highly packable and very well organized. This product has been built for use on trips that last up to two weeks, or even longer, with some surprisingly useful items contained within.

It carries a price tag of $80. 

The other first aid kit that I often carry with me is the Ultralight & Watertight .9, an extremely lightweight product that is meant for fast paced excursions where you know you'll be on the move a lot. This kit contains many of the same items as the World Travel first aid kit, but in a scaled down package. It also comes with a waterproof case DryFlex bag that helps keep the contents of the bag well protected from the elements. Because of its size and weight, this kit is not only extremely popular with adventure travelers, but elite adventure athletes too, and since it is priced at just $36, its a very option affordable too.


You won't find any other medical kits that have had this much thought put into their design, which is essentially focused on meeting the needs of travelers. Adventure Medical Kits has essentially thought of pretty much everything, which gives busy travelers one less thing to be concerned about. As a result, these are products that truly can help us stay healthier while on the road. After all, how can we enjoy those adventures of a lifetime when we're not feeling our best?

To find out more, and view the entire line of Adventure Medical Kit products, visit the company's website