Why Travel Insurance is a Must-Have for Adventure Travelers

For some trips it may not just save you money...but your life

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Many travelers avoid paying for travel insurance because they think it's an unnecessary expense. After all, lets face it, a big trip is already pricey enough. But when it comes to an active, adventurous journey, purchasing travel insurance can have a surprisingly big payoff too. Not only can the right policy protect you from lost luggage, missed flights, or even trip cancellation, it can also pay for medical expenses or unexpected emergencies like evacuation from troubled areas should the need arise. Those aren't things that most travelers necessarily worry about, but if you're embarking on a trip that involves one of travel's three big Rs--risk, remoteness, and rescue--perhaps you should give it some serious thought. 

Pull the Ripcord

One of the best travel insurance providers is a company called Ripcord, which is staffed by a group of highly trained professionals experienced in helping get travelers out of tight situations. The company also happens to offer competitive prices too and coverage typically includes things that most other companies don't. For instance, Ripcord will insure climbers going above 5,000 meters (16,404 ft.), which is important if you're considering something like trekking Kilimanjaro or even planning an expedition to Mt. Everest.

Ripcord has a proven track record for standing by their clients, even in some extremely difficult and dangerous situations. Evacuating clients from Kilimanjaro is just one of the things the provider can actually claim, but the company's Facebook page contains a steady stream of examples of how Ripcord has come to the aid of its customers.

Costa Rica ATV Accident

For instance, one traveler was recently visiting Costa Rica when he decided to go off-roading on an ATV. While riding downhill, he hit the brakes a bit too quickly and ended up flying over the handlebars, winding up on the ground in a heap. That particular traveler thought he would be okay and after taking a bit of time to rest up and rally, he proceeded on with the rest of his ride. Once he was back at his hotel, however, he started to suffer serious pain, and upon checking himself into a local hospital, discovered he had broken three ribs.

Ripcord not only conferred with the traveler's doctors about how to help treat his injuries, they also consulted with their client about the right kind of medications he should take once he returned home. Most other travel insurance companies would simply have checked to see if their customer was alright, cut him or her a check for medical expenses, and moved on to the next case. Ripcord, on the other hand, took steps to ensure their client was in good hands and being well taken care of even after the trip was over.

Attacked by Guerrilla Fighters

An ATV accident is not all that uncommon, but even in the most unusual circumstances, you may find that having travel insurance is a worthy investment. For example, another Ripcord client was on safari in the Central African Republic with his guide, when the two came under attack from members of the Lord's Resistance Army--the same guerrilla organization headed by the notorious Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony. Fortunately, both men were able to escape with their lives and upon reaching a safe area, the client contacted Ripcord and was soon evacuated from this very dangerous area. 

Ripcord's highly trained staff also put together a rescue plan for a 22-year old client who was traveling in Turkey during an attempted coup against President Recep Erdogan. The young woman was visiting a quiet part of the country that was located far from the fighting, but there was general fear that the violence could escalate and potentially close off exit routes for those looking to leave. A plan was formed to send a ground team in to evacuate the traveler and her friends, but fortunately it never had to be put into action. The unrest subsided not long after it started and the woman was able to leave safely on her own. 

Missed Safari

Finally, another customer had a more reason for using Ripcord that is more relatable than dodging bullets and avoiding coup attempts. A 60-year old client had to cancel his trip to Africa because he had to undergo unexpected knee surgery. Since he had already bought a plane ticket to Johannesburg and put down a deposit on the trip, you can imagine how disappointed he was to find out he would be unable to go. The safari operator, however, arranged to refund parts of the trip, and Ripcord came through with the rest. This meant the man ended up not having to pay at all, and now will be more likely to be able to afford to go again once he's back on his feet. 

Ripcord is just one of the many travel insurance providers who offer this kind of service. With a little research you're sure to come up with a number of others who are just as reliable and have similarly affordable plans. The important thing to remember is that these are all actual examples of how travel insurance could end up not only saving you money but potentially your life as well.

Sure, it's an added cost to what is probably already an expensive vacation, but the piece of mind and security that it brings may more than make up for in the end. So, as the old slogan goes, the next time you're planning a big trip--much like your passport, credit cards or a stack of traveler's checks--don't leave home without it.

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