Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas

The Adult Party Is Always In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Adult entertainment made a huge comeback after the family themes went out the window and these days there are some quality shows for adults only. These are not strip clubs but well produced shows that cater to an adult crowd. This is edgy, racy entertainment in Las Vegas for adults only.

Plenty of people consider the pools as part of adult entertainment during the "daylife" sessions. Nightclubs and pool parties are just as much fun as a good show and you typically will see far more skin in those places. If you are looking to be entertained these are some good options, if you are looking to hook up, hit the nightclubs and pool parties.

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    Absinthe the Show at Caesars Palace

    Absinthe Brilliant show
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    The type of adult humor that requires an open mind and a great sense of humor. It's a little raw and a lot of fun and possibly the best show in Las Vegas. An adult show as the best show in Las Vegas? Yes, Las Vegas is still the best place for adults to go and have a good time with very little room for regrets.
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    This is a real Adult Show in Las Vegas! This show brings back real, high quality adult entertainment to the Las Vegas strip. It's fun, sensual and entertaining. The comfortable showroom will prep you for the evening to come. Go for front row love seat seating and you might get started before the evening is done. When I say you need an open mind all I'm saying is that you have to be okay with laughing at the things we often only talk about in the bedroom.

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    Thunder From Down Under at the Excalibur

    Thunder From Down Under at the Excalibur
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    Imagine a group of beefy guys dancing in tiny g-strings. Does that work for you? If it does you will most likely have an incredible time because it seems that every time my wife sees the show she forgets that I have long forgotten the art of the sit-up. Women, a fantasy filled couple of hours and men, wait around in the Sports Book to clean up the mess!

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    Fantasy At Luxor Las Vegas
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    Live out your wildest fantasies at Luxor Las Vegas as talented performers seduce you with scenes from places deep in your imagination. You get quality entertainment in an adult show that is sexy, sultry and just a tiny bit funny. You'll leave this adult show just as the windows get steamy.

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    Chippendales at Rio Las Vegas
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    Harrah's describes the show like this, "Chippendales The Show features 12 physically perfect male dancers who delight the audience with a series of disarmingly sexy yet tasteful routines." Two oxymoron's in one sentence, perfect males and male dancers. Those things do not exist. If they do I do not want to see them but apparently the ladies love them and they cannot get enough of these guys.
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    Vegas strip club
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    What you really want in an adult show is a strip club. That is okay as well. Groups of guys, couples, girls, everybody likes the Las Vegas experience that includes strip clubs. These days you'll find that some strip clubs are more like ultra lounges and have a few girls in the audience just enjoying themselves. (I once discussed breast feeding and pre-schools with a group of girls at at strip club. Yes, that really happened)

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    Crazy Girls
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    The Riviera is closed and so is Crazy Girls but it feels like a shame to just delete this listing. I love nostalgia and I still miss these girls.

    Crazy Girls is one of those shows that can best be described as sexually exciting and enticing. I won't mince words, the performers are very good looking and if you decide to see this show with your partner it might motivate you to have some fun.