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Continuing Education in Las Vegas

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As we get older and presumably wiser, we realize that education isn't a dirty word. While it can mean hard work it can also be a heck of a lot of fun and can potentially boost your income. But sometimes it is hard to know where to start and what programs are best for you. To help you decide what program or course is right for you I've compiled a list of sources to seek out Adult Education Courses across the Valley.

Whether you're looking to take a pottery class, learn a second language or learn the basics of a new trade or hobby, this list will help you to find the information that will help you make you a better you.

The College of Southern Nevada Division of Workforce and Economic Development

The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is the largest 2-year public college in Nevada. While many students will begin here and eventually transfer to a traditional four-year college, the true strength of CSN is its ongoing education programs.

This adult education school has hundred of courses designed to help you enrich your life and your community. From writing classes to computer classes, from OSHA Certifications to Healthcare classes CSN is the regional leader in Adult Education. See their complete course list and schedule and start making a new you. Contact CSN for more information.

UNLV Adult Education

It is little wonder that the best know University in Las Vegas also has some great classes for adults and continuing education.

Get the feel of the vibrant UNLV experience while keeping you adult life adult.

Always wanted to make money with your voice? Then why not sign up for the Radio and TV Voice-Over class. Do you have the next Great American Novel in you, then check out one of the many writing classes. Whatever your needs or wants UNLV can help.

See the complete list of courses and programs.

Las Vegas Creative Writing Classes

Join an award-winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy author Maxwell Alexander Drake at the Centennial Hills Library for my free writing classes hosted by the Clark County Library District. with a variety of interesting and informative classes, this free program is a must for any Las Vegas-based writer. For more information and the complete schedule. click here.

Las Vegas Classes On Craigslist

Craigslist has such a variety of classes and learning opportunities that to list them here would be futile. From Mandarin lessons to welding instruction Craigslist has a class for just about anything you could ever want. As always with online classifieds beware of scammers and never send personal info without verifying. Las Vegas Classes on Craigslist.

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