The Adrenaline Junkie's Bucket List In Las Vegas

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    Sky Combat Ace

    All you need to know is that you go in with no flying experience and you leave in total disbelief. Not only did you fly an airplane but you actually learned to tumble a perfectly good airplane high above the desert.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    Sky Combat Ace is a no-brainer if you seek heart pumping, adrenaline thumping action in your life. You get into an airplane with a professional pilot and he attempts to push you to your limit.

    "There is nothing you cannot get us into that I cannot get us out of." The words of my co-pilot as he persuades me to take the controls and really put the airplane to the test. The pilot performs an aerial maneuver that attempts to squeeze my body into the seat and then explains exactly what I will do with the controls to make the same thing happen.

    Sky Combat Ace will change you. In a good way.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    You'll have to set up an appointment with Sky Combat Ace and choose the package that best suits you. If you are in generally good health and you have the money they will show you everything else. No experience necessary and soon you will be doing a flat spin high in the sky above the Southern Nevada desert.

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    Las Vegas Rock Crawlers

    If you can't walk up it you really should not drive a Jeep up it. Right?

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    You would never do this with your own vehicle for fear of rolling that box of car payments down a boulder field, however, with an instructor helping you to navigate Jeep sized boulders and a healthy amount of disregard for ​risk you'll make it happen. When you see the pictures you'll be shocked. Take a few videos and your friends will think you are lying when you tell them that you were driving.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    You'll make reservations with Las Vegas Rock Crawlers and they will meet you in a specified location and you will instantly get behind the wheel. After some instruction, you will be helped through your first obstacle. Make sure to listen to everything and you'll be well on your way to checking off boulder crawling off of your bucket list.


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    Dive With Sharks at Shark Reef

    Shark Reef in Las Vegas.
    Ken Lund / Flickr / CC BY 3.0

    SCUBA diving in an aquarium is one of those experiences that you'll enjoy far more than you thought possible. Even if you have made a few dives with sharks in the past this is different.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    Diving with sharks at Shark Reef inside the Mandalay Bay Resort might sound like a casino gimmick but you have to realize that the Shark Reef is a bona fide Aquarium dedicated to education, awareness and preservation. Once you understand that you'll get a first hand look at the process of taking care of and educating people about sharks and the importance of there presence in them in the marine ecosystem. Oh, yeah, and these sharks don't care about you so they will come in close and act as if you do not exist. It is surreal.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    You must be SCUBA certified and be a guest of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


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    VORE Vegas off road experience

    You know if you love adrenaline you have fantasized about catching air in an offroad truck.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    The engine rattles the body of the truck. A five point seat belt keeps you snug up against the vinyl seat. You have 4 gears, no windshield and a dashboard that is a mix of dust and scratches in a mosaic of off road love. This is serious off-road racing and you'll feel it the second your instructor screams in your ear about giving it a lot of gas before you hit the jump. For a few seconds the high pitch squeal of the engine fills the truck cabin and then you can feel the truck floating through the air. The feeling of floating is quickly disrupted by a landing that is softer than you would think and a strong command to turn in to the mud bank. Make it past the ruts and the deep holes and you soon get the hang of it.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    No experience necessary. Give the guys at VORE - Vegas Off Road Experience a call and they get it all set up. You'll have to get yourself to their desert location in Boulder City. They may have a shuttle service but for the price, you can rent a car and see the Hoover Dam after you are done.


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    Muscle Car Challenge

    Photo by Zeke Quezda

    If you could test a street legal, stock car and push it to its limits wouldn't you be all over that?

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    3 American muscle cars side by side and you get to test out their strengths and weaknesses. You decide which one is best with real data derived from you hitting the gas hard, stomping on the brake even harder, and taking turns and speeds you know in your heart are not safe. Be ready to drive!

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    You head out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to meet the crew from the American Muscle Car Challenge and after a brief orientation to get you up to speed on what you will be doing you are in a car with an instructor who is begging you to go faster.


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    Grand Canyon By Motorcycle

    The Grand Canyon is impressive but cruising around the National Park on a Harley makes it significantly better.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    The hog vibrates between your legs and you lean into each turn with a gentle glide though the curve. In the distance you can see the top of the Kaibab formation and the fresh air rushing at you makes your eyes water.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    To drive your own Harley you have to have a motorcycle license but they also ride along with experienced riders/guides. Get the details on the ​Grand Canyon Tour by motorcycle.

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    Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas

    Photo Courtesy of SkyJump Las Vegas

    Adrenaline resides in heights, you can be sure of it.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    This is a no-brainer, you step out onto a ledge 900 feet above the Las Vegas strip, you take in the view and then you jump. It is a controlled free fall so the rush is not as great as if you free fell for real but you will walk away from it so that is the positive side. Get the video and you can share it with all of your friends.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    Head into the Stratosphere Tower and sign up for SkyJump Las Vegas. You sign a waiver and try on a jumpsuit and just like that you are set to take the giant leap off of a tower.


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    Exotics Racing

    You will look very good in an Italian sports car and you'll feel so alive when paddle shifting at 80mph.

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    If you don't have the cash to own one of these exotic sports cars and you love the idea of going very fast in a car that can take your lead foot this is for you. They give you all the instruction you need to take a Ferrari or Porsche out on the track and test your cornering and maneuvering skills.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    Head into Exotics Racing and go through their safety briefing and in less time than it took you to take your first driving test you will be going faster than you ever thought you could go in a car.


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    American Alpine Institute


    Climb on!

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    Scaling a rock in Red Rock Canyon is all about pushing your body to scale a vertical rock wall and putting your trust in the person at the other end of the rope.

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    You can sign up with the American Alpine Institute and they cover all the instruction and safety briefings to make sure you have a fun and safe climb.


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    Richard Petty Experience

    Why It Should Be on Your Bucket List

    “Roll up on the throttle” you can hear the voice of my driving instructor as we head out of each turn. In the straight-aways you can feel the engine coming to life. It roars with excitement and the car gets smoother and easier to handle.

    You get to drive a NASCAR!

    What Does It Take to Check It Off the Bucket List?

    Get to Las Vegas motor speedway fast! The Richard Petty Driving Experience in Las Vegas has a schedule that varies so make sure they are on the track when you need to check this excellent experience off of your list.