Deluxe Tuscany Getaway: Adler Thermae Hot Springs Spa Resort

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    Experience Tuscany and Soothe Your Soul at Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    Adler Thermae spa resort hotel in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Reasons to Stay at the Soothing Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    Adler Thermae Toscana is a five-star luxury resort in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. This beautiful and bountiful wellness retreat is built around warm thermal springs called Bagno Vignoni. The resort is an excellent place to kick back and unwind while enjoying the luscious Tuscan countryside.
    • Adler Thermae is part of The Hotel Collection by Amex and the exclusive Private Selection
    • One of four luxury Adler resorts, it won “Best for Hot Springs” at the 2015 Wellness Travel Awards

    Do You Like Upscale All-Inclusive Resorts?

    Adler Thermae is mainly all-inclusive. Your room, breakfast, dinner, snacks, thermal pool access, gym and bike use, daily excursions, and wifi are included in a basic room rate. Lunch, wine and liquor, spa treatments, and some fitness classes cost extra.
    • See what you get (and don't) with all-inclusive hotel rates
    • Adler Thermae's rates, packages, and deals

    What Kinds of Luxury Travelers Visit Adler Thermae?

    Adler Thermae is a popular retreat for well-to-do Italians, particularly from easily-accessible Rome. It also draws visitors from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the U.K, and the United States.
    • The resort permits kids; school holidays and summers are family-intensive
    • The staff is English-speaking
    • Quite a few guests are on couple's getaways; here's About Honeymoons' Adler Thermae review for romantics

    What Draws Luxury Travelers to Adler Thermae?

    Guests at Adler Thermae have a lot to savor.
    • The 890-room resort's centerpiece: its vast, naturally heated thermal pool, which fronts the entire resort and is steps from every room
    • The chance to explore the glorious Tuscan countryside and fabled hill towns
    • Spa treats such as blissful thermal pools, mood-lifting massages, rejuvenating facials
    • Myriad outdoor activities, from yoga and Pilates to nature walks and mountain-bike trails
    • Exceptional Italian cuisine and tempting Tuscan wines served under a blanket of stars
    • Several enchanting medieval and Renaissance towns are within easy reach by bike and car

    Where Is Adler Thermae?

    Adler Thermae is designed as a get-away-from-it-all retreat, nestled in the quiet Tuscan countryside of Northern Italy.
    • Coming by car lets guests take their own side trips around the historic surroundings of Siena and the Val d'Orcia, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    • The resort offers airport pick-ups from Rome and Florence, both an extraordinarily beautiful two-hour drive (stay five nights and the ride is half-price)
    • The resort rents cars for a moderate rate ($55/day in 2016)

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    Will You Like Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort?

    Adler Thermae hot springs resort in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Is Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort Made for You?

    You’ll love staying at Adler Thermae if:
    • You want a place to unwind amid some of the world’s most stunning scenery
    • You're seeking romance with a fellow thermal spring lover
    • Your idea of bliss is steaming hot springs, expert spa treatments, and dawn yoga
    • You like to pepper your spa indulgence with outdoor activities and time in nature
    • You'd relish Italian cuisine and fine Tuscan wine in a palazzo pierced by moonlight
    • You’d love to see a stunning UNESCO-honored corner of Tuscany that’s off most tourists’ radars

    However, Ader Thermae may not be for you if:
    • You prefer the buzz and busyness of the city to the calm and charm of the countryside
    • You're OK with an occasional hot tub dip, but don't crave spending hours in thermal pools
    • You prefer a variety of restaurants rather than a single, superb dining option

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    #1 Draw at Adler Thermae: Soothe Your Soul in Its Spring-Fed Pools

    Winter at Adler Thermae hot springs resort in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Take to the Waters at Adler Thermae

    Without a doubt, the highlight of any stay at the Adler Thermae is its natural hydrotherapy springs. The resort was built on ancient, active thermal springs, so health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything Adler Thermae offers.

    Take a Dip in a Thermal Spring

    • The main thermal pool is a body-caressing 36°C (97°F) . The water is rich in healing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfate.
    • And the pools are fun, too, with pressurized water jets and cascading waterfalls
    • The resort is dotted by an impressive range of themed spa pools. Grotto Salina (an underground cave housing a salt bath) and the Philosopher’s Cave steam bath are both delightful
    • There’s also a swimming pool that's not too hot for real swimming (26°C / 79°F), as well as a children’s pool
    • Indoor sauna fans have choices: dry, wet, aromatic. The highlight is Artemisia, a steam sauna with Tuscan herbs
    • Relaxation areas beckon with sunbeds and semi-submerged water beds

    Take a Treatment at Adler Thermae

    Adler Thermae guests can indulge themselves further with a range of spa treatments.
    • The vast spa menu covers it all: deep tissue massages, facials, body sculpting, cosmetic treatments, reflexology, physiotherapy, and more
    • Alternative treatments like Ayurveda and “HAKI” (holistic well-being) are also available
    • Many services invoke the healing power of Tuscan botanicals like honey, olive oil, and local wine grapes
    • See Adler Thermae's latest spa menu and catalogue

    Work Up a Sweat at the Resort

    Adler Thermae offers an extensive in-house sport and fitness program every day. A full schedule of fitness classes cover it all, including Pilates, Zumba, boot camp, pool aerobics, and much more.

    The excellent gym offers views over the valley. In good weather, guests can use cardio machines on the open-air rooftop. The rooftop lets guest work out in the open air on treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. Guests who enjoy games will find table tennis and bocce on the grounds.

    Morning Yoga Is Well Attended

    My guest and I tried the early morning yoga. Hosted by Ayurveda specialist Dr. Narendu Babu, it involved light stretching and balance workouts along with mindfulness exercises. A refreshing way to start the day.

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    Rooms and Suites at Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    Room view from Adler Thermae spa resort in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Comfort and Convenience in Every Room

    Adler Thermae has under 100 rooms, qualifying it as a private-feeling boutique hotel.

    Every Room is a Room with a View

    All rooms and suites have a view of the property, the springs, or the countryside. There's not a bad view at the hotel.

    Single and double “superior rooms” at Adler Thermae are nearly 400 square feet.
    • Expect a comfy king bed, large cable TV, armchairs, desk, minibar, safe, and selection of herbal teas
    • The bathroom has a walk-in shower, Tuscan spa products, fluffy bathrobes and slippers
    • Every room is soundproofed with bio air-conditioning
    • Guests also enjoy a patio or balcony. I would recommend a ground-floor stay, because in the morning you can walk straight out your room into a thermal pool
    • Wifi is free and strong

    Or How About One of the Family Suites?

    The family suites at Adler Thermae, an impressive 538 square feet, sleep up to four.
    • Guests ​enjoy a large shower with separate toilet, along with all the superior room amenities above
    • Situated at the outer edges of the resort, family suites are ideal for guests who crave quiet 
    • The suites offer the best panoramic views

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    Good Food and Divine Wine at Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    Stars in the sky at Adler Thermae spa resort in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Adler Thermae Serves the Finest Italian Fare

    From delicious breakfasts to decadent dinners, expect gourmet treats all day long at Adler Thermae. The various food options at the resort make it easy to stay healthy but equally easy to indulge.

    Lip-Smacking Breakfasts

    Breakfast offers up a large buffet featuring breads, pastries, cereals, meats, cheeses, and various fruits.
    • You can see the tempting bread being baked. That's fresh! Tip: the croissants are to die for
    • There’s also an excellent omelet station. Tip: eggs are served soft in European style, so if you like yours more cooked, just ask 
    • Note to cereal eaters and coffee drinkers: the wide selection of cereals is accompanied by a  milk menu including soy, almond, goat, and sheep
    • Coffee and tea are made to order (the herbal teas are far superior to the English Breakfast)

    Lunch at Adler Thermae

    Breakfast is enormous, so many guests skip lunch -- which is not included in the room rate.
    • However, if you're hungry, the midday meal is casual and satisfying. The on-site “osteria” serves everything from soups, pasta, pizza and salads to grilled and barbecues dishes

    Savory Snacks All Day

    Adler Thermae has a healthy bent, but you won't go hungry here on "rabbit food." There's plenty to graze on even if you skip lunch.
    • Fresh fruit and nuts are available all day
    • Cakes are served from 4pm to 5pm

    Gourmet Italian Dinners at Adler Thermae

    The resort's main restaurant is transformed in the evening when the retracted roof reveals a canopy of stars. This is dining in an Italian piazza open to the heavens.

    The high-end food matches the elegant ambiance. You can enjoy three organic “à la carte” courses plus offerings from a buffet.
    • We started with a salad bowl fresh from the garden and a bread basket (the bacon focaccia was out of this world)
    • Then came the Italian main courses, which change daily. Our favorites were veal carpaccio with barbecued asparagus; ravioli with John Dory fish, clams, and capers; and leg of lamb with olives, potato quenelles, and sautéed chicory
    • Best of all? The suckling pig loin with bacon-studded potatoes and oyster mushrooms
    • For dessert, we grazed on the buffet assortment of cakes, fresh fruit, and house-made gelato
    • Afterwards, we sipped our wine and decafs on the terrace 

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    Head out of Alder Thermae and into Spectacular Nature

    Montepulciano in Tuscany
    ©Pug Girl/Flickr Creative Commons

    Experience the Tuscan Countryside Surrounding Adler Thermae

    Guests who want to do more than simply sunbathe and soak have many ways to get out and about. And the surrounding hills and forests are magnificent. This is Tuscany of legend.

    Join a Group or Head Out Solo

    Adler Thermae organizes at least one excursion every day, and it’s included in the price of your stay.
    • We enjoyed a mountain-biking trail around the valley (Val d’Orcia), a walking tour to local town San Quirico, and a sightseeing excursion to a Renaissance garden at Villa la Foce, built by a Gilded Age American family

    You can also venture out solo with the considerable help of the Adler Thermae app's hiking and cycling maps. We did a half-day hike to Rocco d’Orcia, a hilltop town visible from the resort.
    • The hike involved a descent to the base of the valley, a wade across the river (the bridge has collapsed), and a steep climb up to the town. It’s hard work, but the fine castle and spectacular views make it worthwhile
    • We also took e-bikes (free from the resort) for a half-day cycle to the Chapel of Vitaleta and Pienza

    Discover Adler Thermae’s Own Vineyards

    For an additional fee, guests can include a wine tasting at the Sanoner winery estate, located above the resort.
    • You will enjoy a tour of the vineyards and learn a little about the unique winemaking process
    • Then, on the veranda, you’ll taste the estate's three superb “Aetos” wines: a full-bodied red, a light rosé and a lively sparkling rosé. A white wine will follow soon. (The Greek word Aetos means "eagle," does Adler)
    • You'ill also be treated to a salumeria board while sipping your wine and enjoying a sublime view of the valley below

    Go Sightseeing in the Region

    For history lovers or Italophiles, some magnificent old towns are within easy reach of Adler Thermae.
    • The headline attraction, within an hour of the resort, is Siena, famed for its medieval cityscape and Palio horse race
    • But much closer are the charming towns of Montalcino (famed for wines) and Pienza (built by a Renaissance Pope)
    • I loved my time in the ravishing medieval and Renaissance Montepulciano. If you go, climb the clock tower of the Palazzo Communale for breathtaking views of the town and the hills beyond
    • Here's About's Italy Travel Expert's Top 10 Places to Visit in Tuscany

    A Deal on Wheels

    Didn't come by car? You can rent an e-car (namely, a BMW i3) from the hotel for just $55 USD a day (as of 2016).

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    How to Connect with Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    Restaurant with a view at Adler Thermae spa resort in Tuscany
    ©Adler Spa Resorts

    Find Out More About Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort

    • Visit the Adler Thermae website
    • Adler Spa Resorts on Facebook and Google Plus
    • Pictures on Pinterest and videos on YouTube
    • Local hiking and biking routes via Adler Thermae's app for Android or for Apple
    • Phone the resort at +39 0577 889 000 or send an email
    • Check out Adler Thermae's brochures, magazine, and more
    • And (overwhelmingly positive) TripAdvisor reviews

    As is common in the travel industry, the Guest Author was provided with a complimentary visit for the purpose of describing the resort. For details, see our site's Ethics Policy.