Add A Little Vegas To Your New Year's Eve Celebration

Las Vegas Rings in New Year with Fireworks

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These 7 spots are sure to change the way you feel about spending your New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. Get off the street and out of the expensive nightclubs and do Vegas just a little differently this year. Say hello to the New Year with style.

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New Year's Eve Party in a Cosmopolitan Terrace Suite

The View from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Rooms
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The one easy way to completely put a Vegas stamp on your New Year’s Eve Celebration is with a Terrace Suite at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The view is spectacular and with the amount of space in the room, you can have your very own Las Vegas party without the velvet ropes and people keeping you from the action. If you need the ultimate VIP experience this is it.

Expert Tip: Head to the local Walgreens about 100 yards south on the Las Vegas strip and stock up on alcohol and that will save you so much money on festive party cocktails. You have a nice counter to mix drinks on and a table to set out some snacks so live it up!

If you are around for Christmas in Las Vegas we have plenty of ideas to keep you busy on your holiday vacation. 

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New Year's Eve On An Ice Rink at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

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This might be the best deal in Las Vegas. You get to see the fireworks, you are outside but still connected to the Cosmopolitan hotel and you can ice skate. $30 gets you a New Year’s Eve Celebration in Las Vegas. You will have to buy your own drinks and this is an all-ages event so be aware of the ​17 year -old that looks 25 at midnight. Hey, but you get to Ice Skate on an outdoor rink at the Cosmopolitan hotel on New Year's Eve!

Expert Tip: Get a room at the hotel and this event is free for you!

If you are around for Christmas in Las Vegas we have plenty of ideas to keep you busy on your holiday vacation.

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The View From The Top on New Years Eve at Stratosphere Tower


The best place to see all the action and engage in a little action is the Stratosphere Tower with 108 Tower NYE Bach Hosted by Claire Sinclair.  Claire Sinclair is the star of Pin Up and 2011 Playmate of the year but that is not the only reason to go to this party. (That is what I am telling my wife) The view of the fireworks from high above the Las Vegas strip allows you the best view to see everything that is happening in the Las Vegas valley.

$249 gets you into the New Year's Eve party and into the after party with Sabina Kelley.

What else do you get for the price of admission: Unlimited 4-hour premium brand bar, reception style food stations, models, Go-Go dancers, performance artists, DJ Mac, specialty drinks, martini luges, a champagne toast after midnight, party favors and a spectacular view of the fireworks provided by Grucci.

I guess you know where I'll be, right?

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VIP Party In The Sky On The High Roller At The LINQ

Photo by Luke Quezada

Let me be completely honest when I tell you that this would be a really cool Vegas experience on New Year’s Eve but unless you have a large group of people and are willing to spend a decent chunk of money it might be a tad overpriced. Unless you consider that VIP tables at nightclubs are ridiculously expensive then you might find that a complete buyout of a cabin on the High Roller for you and your friends is worth $5000. If you get $25 people it works out to $200 each to see the fireworks from way up high.

Expert Tip: If you have 40 friends you can each pay less than $70 to board the High Roller at the LINQ on New Years Eve. You could instead head to the Eiffel Tower Experience pay $195 and get two hours of endless Champagne and fireworks along with a New Year’s Eve toast. Yes, the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is just as Special.

If you are around for Christmas in Las Vegas we have plenty of ideas to keep you busy on your holiday vacation.

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Party Like A Pro At SLS Las Vegas


You’ll head into the Sayers Club at SLS Las Vegas for a New Year’s Eve that includes live music, a view of the Las Vegas strip and a vibe that says Las Vegas does not have to be about a stuffy nightclub. The cocktail program is why you visit and the live music is why you dance and the outdoor patio is why you feel like you could stay here all night.

Expert Tip: If you have money to burn SLS has a New Year's Eve Professional Party Pass.  What this means is that you have access to al lof their nightlife venues on New Year’s Eve and open bar at Monkey Bar, Center Bar The Sayers Club, and Foxtail. You will get your money’s worth.

If you are around for Christmas in Las Vegas we have plenty of ideas to keep you busy on your holiday vacation.

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