Adam Knapp

Adam, born and raised in Oklahoma, has been writing professionally about Oklahoma City since 2005.

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Adam has published works of short fiction and written for a number of local publications such as Oklahoma Magazine and Edmond Outlook. In addition, he teaches Composition and English at the collegiate level.


Adam graduated with a Masters in English from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2005. He holds degrees in Theatre, English and Economics from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Adam Knapp

Oklahoma City has undergone incredible changes in the new millennium. With the growth of unique neighborhoods, the local sports and the cultural development, now is an exciting time for our city. 


What is this site about?
Short answer, Oklahoma City. But that's only the short answer. Take a look around, and you'll see information, recommendations, commentary and trivia about anything and everything related to Oklahoma's capital and the surrounding communities. 

Can you give me recommendations for restaurants, clubs, attractions, etc.? I hope to.  There are hundreds of lists and reviews on the site.  But remember, recommendations are just one person's opinion. I feel like I know Oklahoma City well and am continuing to discover it every day. If I can pass along to you what I encounter and my feelings about it, you have a place from which to start. You can then come back and tell me what you think as well. Sharing opinions and recommendations is what this site is all about.

Can I give you recommendations?
Absolutely. If you have a photo or an event you'd like to share, please feel free to submit it to me for review. If it's relevant to Oklahoma City and informative, odds are good I'll include it on this site.  For photo submissions, see this page for guidelines.

I can't find what I'm looking for here. What do you recommend?
Let me know. I may be able to help, even if it's not here quite yet. The site is expanding and growing each and every day, and I want to add the things you expect and desire.

I found an error or outdated information. What should I do?
Again, please let me know. I work hard to keep everything updated, but I'm human and there are things I miss. Use the email link at the top of the page and please include the specific URL. I'll take a look and make any necessary corrections.

I sent an email but didn't receive a response. What should I do now?
My apologies. Understand that I receive hundreds of emails each week. I'm not able to respond to every event submission or public relations release. Also, it isn't uncommon for emails to be marked as spam for one reason or another. If your email wasn't rude or profane and included a question or correction request, I will respond. Check your spam filter to make sure my response wasn't sent there, and then try again after a few days.

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