A.D. Smith

••• This is humble, beautiful Japan. It's not in Kyoto or Tokyo (which are both awesome cities). It's a shrine on Honjima, an island on the Seto Inland Sea off of Kawaga. Photo © A.D. Smith

A.D. Smith is a longtime journalist who has lived in, and traveled many times to, Japan over the past 14 years.


Smith has lived on Shikoku twice, once for six months and once for a year, and has published travel stories about the area that ran in the Boston Herald newspaper and elsewhere. He also posts photos of things he finds interesting on Flickr. His Herald work can be seen here and his blog about Shikoku, here.

Before traveling to Japan, Smith was a staff copy editor at the Herald since 2008, where he got his journalism start in 1998 as an editorial assistant. In addition to his work at the Herald, he has freelanced for a variety of publications as well as reported for and edited several community newspapers in the Boston area. You can find out more about him by sending him an email at his About.com email, and you can read the former gojapan.about.com blog, here.

A.D. Smith

Living in and traveling to Japan has given me great appreciation for this country that's so often viewed through a narrow lens. There's more to the nation than anime, bullet trains, temples … and odd robots. Everywhere is a discovery: The beauty of the countryside, the hidden beaches, the bustling streets of cities you've never heard of, and the food -- oh, the food -- from fermented soybeans to the perfect riceballs at convenience stores to the seared, but still raw bonito fish of Kochi. I hope that I can help inspire others to travel to Japan and see, taste, and explore all its wonders. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. (Please note that in my reviews, I fully disclose if they are freebies or junkets, which mostly likely they are not.)

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