Accessible Travel in Scandinavia

Scandinavia for the Disabled: World's Best in Accessible Travel

Scandinavia offers accessible travel and handicap/disability amenities like no other travel destination. For example, Scandinavia leads the world regarding places accessible by wheelchair. Let's find out what makes the individual countries of Scandinavia so suitable for accessible travel.

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    A plaza in Stockholm.
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    Sweden aims to be the world's best capital for accessible travel and the Swedish Parliament has decided to make Sweden accessible to everyone under the project "Tourism For All - Accessible Equality". Accessibility to popular public places is part of it, along with collaboration with local transportation agencies and businesses. Nowadays, virtually all Swedish shopping centers, hotels, and public transportation services are easily accessible by wheelchair.

    Sweden offers extensive service and adapted facilities for accessible travel in Scandinavia, along with transportation just for the disabled. For information on accessible travel guides in this Scandinavian country, visit the Swedish Federation for Disabled Persons.

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    Suburban Oslo in Norway.
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    Accessible travel in Scandinavia can also lead you to Norway, where both locals and businesses always make a special effort to help disabled travelers. Norway ranks very high for accessible travel and is a favorite among many travelers with special needs. Hotels, ferries, and similar businesses are flexible to adjust their services and assist you to make yourself comfortable.

    Norwegian State Railways offers train compartments for the disabled, and the Coastal Express ships have wide elevators and cabins to accommodate any handicaps in Scandinavia. Or, Accessible Journeys offers a complete tour package for disabled travelers, including a flight to/from Oslo, Norway.

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    The Nyhavn waterfront in Copenhagen.

    Last but not least for accessible travel in Scandinavia, Denmark offers the program “Accessibility for All”. That is a new tourism labeling system for accessibility of hotels, attractions and other places you'd like to visit in Denmark. The classification is divided into 7 groups for types of disabilities.

    It's a great system and very practical and helpful. You can search for just about anything accessible on their website and narrow it down by city, type of place, handicap, etc. Apart from this program, Denmark, in general, has a very good coverage of wheelchair accessible places and the friendly Danish locals are always happy to assist travelers in times of need.