Accès Montréal Card: Live in Montreal? Just Get the Card.

Accè Montréal Card Saves Users Serious Cash

The Montreal Accès Card better known as Carte Accès Montréal saves residents big bucks on cultural and recreational activities.
Photo courtesy of the city of Montreal

 Carte Accès Montréal: The Montreal Access Card Saves You Money

If you're a Montreal resident or a Montreal property owner and want to save money on a variety of cultural and recreational activities -think rebates on museum exhibits, movie tickets, Botanical Garden visits, spa treatments and day camps for kids- then sign up to receive CAM, your Montreal Access Card better known as Carte Accès Montreal as soon as possible.

It costs $8 and lasts one full year. And the savings can be significant. Here's a list of companies and events offering Accès rebates and below are just a few examples of the perks currently and/or previously offered:


Accès Montréal FAQ: How Do I Get an Montreal Access Card?

Go to one of CAM's 70 points of sale, whether your local Accès Montréal office, a participating municipal library or borough office (find the closest Carte Accès Montréal point of sale here) and bring:

  • $8
  • a recent photo of yourself (must be passport size: from a minimum 4 cm x 4 cm (1.5 inches x 1.5 inches) to a maximum of 5 cm x 6 cm (2 inches x 2.5 inches); note that several CAM points of sale offer an on-site photography service)
  • proof of residence (e.g., driver’s license, municipal tax bill, utility bill from Hydro-Québec, Gaz Metropolitain, Bell, etc., leases not accepted)
  • I.D. card (e.g., Medicare card, social insurance card, etc.)


Accès Montréal FAQ: How Do I Get an Montreal Access Card If I'm Not a Montreal Resident But Live on the Island?

Residents living on the island of Montreal but not in the city of Montreal, such as residents of Baie-D’Urfé, Côte-Saint-Luc, Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Dorval, Hampstead, Kirkland, L’Île-Dorval, Montréal-Est, Montréal-Ouest, Mont-Royal, Pointe-Claire, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Senneville and Westmount can also benefit from an Accès Montréal card.

Conditions and costs are generally the same. The one drawback is less companies and organizations extend their rebates to residents of these municipalities.


Accès Montréal FAQ: I Don't Live in Montreal But I Work Here. Can I Get a CAM Too?

Unfortunately, people who work in Montreal but do not live in Montreal cannot benefit from a Carte Accès Montréal, including city of Montreal employees residing off-island. You must either be a resident or a property owner to qualify.


Accès Montréal FAQ: How Do I Renew the Montreal Access Card?

Once you've gone through the paperwork to get your own CAM, your Accès Montréal office will send you a renewal form in the mail one month prior to expiration.

Just fill out the form and send in the payment without visiting the office. But don't wait too long to complete the renewal process. If you notice that the year is almost up and yet you haven't received anything in the mail, contact your Accès Montréal office and request a renewal form. If the card expires before any action is taken, then you'll have to visit the offices in person again and repeat the initial registration process.


Accès Montréal: More INFO

Call 311 or (514) 872-0311 (outside Montreal) for more information, including on how to sign up other members of your household to CAM at a discounted rate of $6 or $7 per additional card.