Traveling I-95 Express Lanes

Express Lanes Between SR 112 and the Golden Glades Interchange

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The Florida Department of Transportation converted the I-95 high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound between SR 112 and the Golden Glades Interchange to 95 Express: a toll-based express lane open to all commuters. Despite the controversy surrounding the so-called “Lexus Lane”, 95 Express has proved extremely popular with commuters seeking to shave time off their commutes.

Using 95 Express

Using 95 Express is straightforward. Simply enter the express lanes at SR-112. There are some guidelines for using these lanes:

  • You must have a SunPass transponder. 95 Express use is monitored electronically and photographs are taken of vehicles using the lane illegally.
  • You may only enter or exit 95 Express at designated points. If you enter 95 Express by accident, you must travel to the end at the Golden Glades Interchange.

Tolls and Toll Exemptions

The toll charged to enter 95 Express varies with the time of day and congestion level on the express lanes. The minimum toll is $0.25, but you aren’t likely to see that outside of the wee hours of the morning. For current information about the tolls, check the Express Lanes website.

The following categories of vehicles are not required to pay a toll and do not need a SunPass transponder:

Expansion Plans

The current 95 Express system will be supplemented with two additional phases:

  • Phase 1B, to be developed by the end of 2009, will add southbound express lanes between the Golden Glades interchange and SR-112
  • Phase 2, which will begin in 2010, will extend 95 Express to I-595.

Where to Find More Express Lane Information

If you need more information on the express lanes, you should visit the 95 Express website or call 511.

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