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Going Back in Time

Edsel B Ford II with Ford Model T at Greenfield Village
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Unlike a lot of themed parks, Greenfield Village was opened in 1929 to preserve historic landmarks, like Noah Webster’s House, Edison’s Menlo Lab and the court house where Lincoln practiced law. 


Greenfield Village provides a step back in history through seven historic districts, including the Railroad Junction, Working Farms, Edison at Work, Porches and Parlors, Liberty Craftworks, Main Street and Henry Ford’s Model T. Costumed players and artisans help bring the period alive through demonstrations of period crafts, sports, and trades. There are also several opportunities to experience 1800s-era shopping and dining.

Favorite Attractions

Favorite attractions include horse-drawn carriage, vintage-car and steam-locomotive rides. A historic carousel is also available. You can also eat at restaurants that recreate the dishes of the era. Special events keep the experience fresh and exciting, such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Civil War exhibits. Others events delve into other time periods, such as the Ragtime Street Fair and Old Car Festival.


Come June, a baseball itinerary is available on weekends. Park of the fun includes playing town ball in the Village Green. You can then move on to find a place on the grass and watch an 1880s-style baseball game at Walnut Grove Field. One of the Teams, Lah-De-Dahs, was created in homage to the 1880s team of the same name from Waterford, Michigan. Picnic lunches are available.


  • Combine your day at the Village with one of the many events that occur periodically throughout the summer. At the very least, take advantage of the more interactive exhibits, such as the live demonstrations of trades and/or 1800s-era dining. The events transform the experience, making history come alive.
  • Plan your itinerary ahead of time and make the day of it.
  • Be sure to include a Model T ride in your list of things to do.


Dearborn, Michigan

General Information

The Village is open daily from April through November and special weekends throughout the Christmas season. You can either become a member for the season or pay a daily admission price of $18.75 a child and/or $25 an adult. Some rides have an additional admission price.


Greenfield Village

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