Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist is a mega church located in Cordova, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. It is the largest church in the Mid-South and one of the largest churches in the nation with a membership of approximately 29,000.

History of Bellevue Baptist

Bellevue Baptist was founded in 1903. The original church in Midtown Memphis was very small and has been described as "log cabin-like." It was nearly fifty years before Bellevue erected a new church, a 3,000 seat building that was one of the area's first air conditioned churches. Between 1952 and the mid-1980's, Bellevue experienced massive growth. This growth prompted the church to construct yet a larger facility for their main campus. The church building, located in Cordova, was completed in 1989 and seats more than 7,000.

Church Leadership

To date, Bellevue Baptist Church has had only seven head pastors in its hundred-plus years of existence. Of these, the most notable include Dr. Robert G. Lee who pastored Bellevue from 1927 to 1960 and Dr. Adrian Rogers who pastored the church from 1972 until 2005. Dr. Rogers led Bellevue as it grew from 9,000 to more than 29,000 members. Today, Dr. Steve Gains is Bellevue's head pastor.

Church Activities

With so many members and a 400-acre campus, it is no wonder that Bellevue Baptist Church has so many activities available to people from all walks of life. These activities include: children's programs, singles groups for singles of all ages, sports teams, music lessons, college-age gatherings, men's and women's ministries, and Bible classes. In addition, the facility houses a bookstore and reference library.

Singing Christmas Tree

Every year during the holidays, Bellevue Baptist Church hosts a large-scale community performance known as the "Singing Christmas Tree", which draws crowds in the thousands from around the region.

Location and Contact Information

Bellevue Baptist Church has three locations. Their main campus is at 2000 Appling Road in Cordova and is surrounding by a sprawling parking lot. There are three enormous crosses on display near the church, visible from the highway and the surrounding area.

Bellevue also has a campus in Arlington, Tennessee that meets at Arlington High School, a campus that meets on N. Watkins Street in the Frayser community, and hosts Spanish-language services at Bella Vista on N. Highland Street.

Main Campus Information:

2000 Appling Road
Cordova, TN 38016

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