A Virtual Tour of Rentschler Field

A Sneak Preview of UConn's New East Hartford Football Stadium

Rentschler Field in East Hartford won't officially open until the UConn Huskies play their football home opener on August 30, 2003 against Indiana, but more than 7,000 football fans and Connecticut residents anxious to get a sneak peek at the $91.2 million stadium flooded Rentschler Field during an open house on June 14, 2003. They weren't just there for the free hotdogs and Sprite Remix, either. Many bought season tickets and waited in line for 45 minutes to tour the impressive facility, which is owned by the State of Connecticut.

If you missed the open house, I'll take you on a virtual tour of Rentschler Field. Along the way, you'll be able to sit inside a skybox and see where you might be parking if you've already got your season tickets. My husband was convinced that there isn't a bad seat in the house after seeing Rentschler Field up close. Even the end zone seats are very close to the field and should be a fine vantage point for watching a game.

Our tour guide let us in on a bit of inside information, so you may want to mark your calendar. On August 16, 2003, there will be another free open house and "test run" at Rentschler Field prior to the first home game. This open house will feature a football scrimmage, so you'll have a chance to scout the 2003 Huskies and evaluate their chances of having a winning season in their first year at Rentschler Field.

What You Need to Know About Rentschler Field

The Name: Rentschler Field is named for Pratt & Whitney founder Frederick Rentschler.

Total Seating Capacity: The stadium seats about 38,000 fans.

Location: Rentschler Field is located in East Hartford, Connecticut, on a 75-acre site adjacent to Pratt & Whitney.

Directions: From I-84 East, take Exit 58, for Roberts Street/Silver Lane. On the exit ramp, keep to the right and continue straight to the Rentschler Field Main Gate. From I-84 West, take Exit 58, for Roberts Street/Silver Lane. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Roberts Street. Merge into one lane and continue straight through Silver Lane to the Rentschler Field Main Gate. From I-384 West, take Exit 1 in Manchester for Spencer Street. Turn left at end of exit ramp onto Spencer Street. Follow Spencer Street onto Silver Lane in East Hartford.

Follow Silver Lane to the Rentschler Field East Gate.

Tickets: Ticket prices vary based on the location of seats. Season tickets are available for purchase. Most ticket levels require a donation to the UConn Athletic Development Fund. Closer to the beginning of the season, single game tickets will be sold if they are available. Last-minute availability is quite likely, as UConn must hold a certain number of seats for students and fans of the visiting team, and those seats will be released prior to game day if they are not reserved. For complete ticket information and to purchase tickets, call toll free, 866-994-9499.

Parking: Season ticket holders will have the option to purchase season parking passes. There are 11,000 parking spaces available on-site at Rentschler Field. Additional parking areas will offer shuttle bus service to Rentschler Field. Tailgating is permitted and, in fact, encouraged! Plan to arrive early and enjoy a cookout before the game.

Other Events: It is anticipated that Rentschler Field will be used for other sporting and entertainment events.

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