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A Taste of Kentucky is filled with Kentucky-themed gifts, souvenirs and Kentucky Derby items. It is a popular destination during  the holiday season, but the store also specializes in gift basket throughout the year. Baskets for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate gifts, weddings, and more. Often the baskets are filled with a selection of items, including Louisville Slugger souvenirs, Maker's Mark products and Modjeska caramels.

Curious what a Modjeska is? Check out our Louisville Candies page.  

What Can I buy at A Taste of Kentucky?

A Taste of Kentucky is a great stop if you have Kentucky family living in another state, or if a friend came to visit and you are sending them a reminder of all the fun your group had during their visit. So, if you had friends in town to tour local distilleries, follow up their visit with glassware, bourbon infused sauces and marinades. ​

It's a cute little shop—all of the locations—and while there is tons of Kentucky Derby themed memorabilia, you will also find souvenir items that show off other things we all appreciate about Kentucky. Think tasty foods and drinks, apparel, snow globes, cookbooks, Derby hats and more

Kentucky Derby Fun Facts

How to Make a Kentucky Derby Hat

With online shopping a daily event, it is less common to see shops like  A Taste of Kentucky, but if you are looking to browse or want help picking out a gift—the staff is friendly and knowledgeable—it might be worth a journey to one of the A Taste of Kentucky stores.

A Taste of Kentucky has four locations:

Shelbyville Road Plaza
4600 Shelbyville Road, #603
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
(502) 895-2777

Downtown in the AEGON Center
400 West Market Street, facing Fourth Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
(502) 566-4554

Mall St. Matthews 
5000 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
(502) 895-2733

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Village Square in Middletown
11800 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40243
(502) 244-3355

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Corporate Gift Programs at A Taste of Kentucky:

For over 30 years, A Taste of Kentucky has served local businesses and Fortune 500 companies with personal gifts. Seasoned professionals, they will fit most budgets and timelines, shipping either locally or via UPS. From the website, "For one client a few Christmases ago we assembled, packaged, and shipped over 800 customized gifts... All the gifts sent had seasonal bows and ribbons and customized gift tags."

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