A State-by-State Guide to Fall Colors

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and the United States offers a spectacular show of fall foliage with vibrant displays of gold, scarlet, and orange. With hundreds of state parks and forests around the country, it might be overwhelming to pick the best place to view the displays. To narrow your search, this list includes information on fall foliage peak times and colors around the country.

Keep in mind that it's difficult to predict exactly when the leaves will turn in any given location. The best strategy is to select your travel dates in advance but not your destination. Then before heading out, call the fall foliage hotlines for current information about fall colors in specific areas. Some official state tourism websites and state park websites also have up-to-date reports on fall foliage.

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Lake at DeSoto Falls during peak fall colors
James Deitsch/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Gold, orange, and red
  • Peak time: Fall colors begin in the mountains of northern Alabama in early October and then sweep across the region. Colors peak from late October to early November. 
  • Foliage hotline: 334-242-4169
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Moose with Alaskan Fall Foliage
Noppawat Tom Charoensinphon/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: Fall colors last only a few weeks and hues change daily. Taking a train from Denali National Park to Anchorage is a fantastic way to see fall foliage.
  • Foliage information: Email info@alaskatia.org for more information.
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Yucca {Yucca schottii} and Bigtooth maples {Acer grandidentatum} in autumn colours, Huachuca mountains, Coronado National Forest, Arizona, USA
Jack Dykinga/Nature Picture Library/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: The best time to view autumn leaves in northern Arizona is from early to mid-October. Fall colors in the Sonoran Desert can be seen from late September to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 866-275-5816
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Orange leaves in Arkansas
ladnlins/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Gold, orange, red, and purple
  • Peak time: Visit Arkansas in the last few days of October and the first few days of November for the best colors.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-628-8725
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Fall Foliage Fremont, California
Ron and Patty Thomas/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Gold and red
  • Peak time: Mid- to late October is the best time to view fall color, starting from the higher elevations in the Shasta Cascade region down to the foothills and coast.
  • Foliage Information: Check the USDA website for updates.
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Aspen trees. San Juan National Forest, Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and gold
  • Peak time: September is the ideal time to witness this gilded spectacle, but you have to time it right—the color is fleeting, lasting only about a week in most places. 
  • Foliage hotline: 303-892-3840
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Autumn mist in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut
DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow, orange, and red
  • Peak time: Fall foliage season begins in mid- to late September and extends through early November. 
  • Foliage hotline: 888-CTvisit
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Delaware covered bridge in autumn
 Robert Kirk/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and gold
  • Peak time: The color and intensity change quickly, but your best bet to see peak colors is from mid-October to early November.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-441-8846
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Florida Fall Foliage
Olin Gilbert/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Being farther south, leaves in Florida don't peak until early November.​
  • Foliage hotline: 888-735-2872
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Gibbs Garden, Ball Ground, Georgia
Robert Lz/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Orange, red, yellow, and gold
  • Peak time: Early to mid-November is the best time to see fall foliage in Georgia.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-864-7275
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Royal Poinciana
aimintang/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Varies
  • Peak time: Because Hawaii's climate is tropical, seasonal changes are minimal compared to the mainland United States. You won't find the traditional fall colors here, but that doesn't mean Hawaii is less colorful. This time of the year, instead look for colors produced by the plants and trees in bloom such as the African tulip, chorisia speciosa, timor, royal poinciana, and rainbow shower. 
  • Foliage hotline: 808-973-2255
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Fall foliage at Boise train depot
knowlesgallery/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red, orange, and gold
  • Peak time: Peak colors are usually in early October in northern, central, and eastern Idaho. By mid-October, colors in southern Idaho reach their height of color.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-847-4843
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Fall Color Reflections at Anderson Japanese Gardens, Rockford, Illinois
gabepopa/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: In northern and central Illinois, peak viewing time is mid-October. Southern Illinois peaks from late October to early November.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-2CONNECT
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Autumn Foliage on the Notre Dame Campus
Layne Kennedy/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Gold, orange, and red
  • Peak time: Northern Indiana reaches peak color in early to mid-October, whereas the southern part of the state peaks in mid- to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-289-6646
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Fall foliage on Iowa State University Campus
rafael.radkowski/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Peak fall color occurs in northeast Iowa on the weekend closest to October 10, on average. Peak fall color occurs later in the more southern parts of the state. 
  • Foliage hotline: 515-233-4110
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Maple tree, Kansas, USA
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: Northern Kansas colors peak from early to mid-October. southern Kansas peaks mid- to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 913-296-2009
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Autumn In Cherokee Park, Louisville
LuAnn Snawder Photography/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Yellow, orange, and red
  • Peak time: Peak fall color for the state occurs from late October to early November. 
  • Foliage hotline: 800-225-8747
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Great Egret with large cypress trees at Lake Martin, Louisiana
Bill Swindaman/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and brown
  • Peak time: Late October to early November is when to expect fall colors in Louisiana.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-677-4082​
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Fall foliage in Maine

TripSavvy / Christopher Larson

  • Dominant colors: Red, purple, and yellow
  • Peak time: Southern Maine and coastal areas typically reach peak colors in mid-October whereas western mountain areas peak earlier in the month.
  • Foliage hotline: 888-MAINE-45​
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Fall foliage in Frederick, Maryland
DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: In southern and central Maryland, peak colors are on display in late October and early November. If you can only visit during early October, visit parks around Garrett County. 
  • Foliage hotline: 800-LEAVES-1
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Photo of a lake surrounded by trees with bright orange and red leaves

TripSavvy / Violet Smirnova

  • Dominant colors: Orange, yellow, and green
  • Peak time: During the first week of October, plan a visit to the western and southeastern regions for foliage. Peak foliage occurs mid-October for the central area and eastern regions.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-227-MASS
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Tree lined road, Autumn, Harbor Springs, Michigan, United States, North America
Jouko van der Kruijssen/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: The far western quarter of the Michigan upper peninsula peaks from mid-September to early October, whereas all other areas in the upper peninsula peak from late September to mid-October. The expected peak color for the lower peninsula is from late September to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-644-3255
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Trees In Forest During Sunset
Stacey Koehler/EyeEm/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: On average, fall foliage peak times in the northern third of the state occur mid-September to early October. The central third of the state is most colorful between late September and early October. Southern Minnesota trees reach their peak late September to mid-October. One exception is the North Shore of Lake Superior where peak fall color arrives roughly one week later than inland areas.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-657-3700
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Tombigbee State Park, Tupelo, Mississippi
CapturedAudience/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and gold
  • Peak time: Plan for fall leaves in Mississippi to turn in late October to mid-November.
  • Foliage hotline: 866-733-6477
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Missouri fall foliage
Innsbrook Resort/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Orange, yellow, red, and purple
  • Peak time: Colors start to change in late September and peak in mid-October. Fall colors begin in the northern part of the state and move south to the Ozark Mountains. 
  • Foliage hotline: 573-751-4115
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St. Mary Lake and autumn colors
Mike Lyvers/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and gold
  • Peak time: Watch for fall colors in central Montana in late September to early October. Western Montana peaks in early to mid-October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-847-4868
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Fall foliage Omaha, Nebraska
vwcampin/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Orange, red, and yellow
  • Peak time: Leaves peak in Nebraska in mid to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 888-444-1867​​
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Wheeler Peak overlook from Wheeler Peak scenic drive, Great Basin National Park
Peter French/Design Pics/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Orange, yellow, gold, and red
  • Peak time: Fall colors in Nevada peak in mid- to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-NEVADA-8​
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New Hampshire

Landscape of rolling hills covered in colorful fall leaves

TripSavvy / Lauren Breedlove

  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Generally, the best times to view the fall colors are near the end of September in the far north, the beginning of October in the White Mountain region, and the middle of October in the south.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-262-6660 or 800-258-3608
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New Jersey

Tree-lined sidewalk Princeton, NJ
aimintang/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Fall foliage peak viewing for inland New Jersey is mid- to late October. Late October to early November is the best time for foliage in coastal areas of the state.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-VISIT-NJ
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New Mexico

New Mexico's Fourth of July canyon
TheCrimsonMonkey/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and orange
  • Peak time: At higher elevations, peak viewing is in early to mid-October. Lower elevations peak from mid-October to early November.
  • Foliage hotline: 505-827-7336
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New York

Aerial view of colorful fall foliage in the Adirondacks

TripSavvy / Lauren Breedlove

  • Dominant colors: Red, orange, and yellow
  • Peak time: New York is known for great foliage so plan your trip sometime between the last few days of September through the month of October. The Adirondacks and Catskills provide the most opportunities for viewing vibrant fall colors.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-CALL-NYS
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North Carolina

Man on road bike on Blue Ridge Parkway in fall (scenic)
Tommy Penick/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: Inland areas of the state can expect fall foliage peak time around mid- to late October. The coastal regions of North Carolina typically hit their peak from late October to early November.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-VISIT-NC
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North Dakota

Deer in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Michele Falzone/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Green, gold, rust, and brown
  • Peak time: North Dakota leaves peak with fall colors in early to mid-October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-435-5663​
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Fall foliage Caesar Creek State Park Ohio
sreenath_k/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and orange
  • Peak time: Most trees peak during the second and third week of October. Late in the month tends to be an ideal time to visit the southernmost areas of the state.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-BUCKEYE​
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Oklahoma mountain scenery in autumn
HappyTam27/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Gold, crimson, and yellow
  • Peak time: Fall foliage in Oklahoma is at its best in late October through early November.
  • Oklahoma Tourism Information: Check the Oklahoma Tourism website for updates. 
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sunrise over Columbia River, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon, Pacific Northwest.
Craig Tuttle/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Mid- to late October is peak foliage time for Oregon, on average.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-547-5445
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Tiadaghton State Forest, Pennsylvania
Nicholas_T/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Dominant colors: Red, orange, and yellow
  • Peak time: Peak color is during early October for the northern region of the state. The central region typically reaches full color in mid-October. For southeastern Pennsylvania, peak color occurs during the last two weeks of October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-FALL-INPA
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Rhode Island

Landscape of river and changing leaves
cmart7327/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and orange
  • Peak time: Peak viewing for Rhode Island is mid- to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-556-2484
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South Carolina

Campbells Covered Bridge with Autumn Fall Colors Landrum Greenville South Carolina
Kruck20/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and orange
  • Peak time: Late October to early November is the best time to view the stunning foliage South Carolina has to offer. 
  • Foliage hotline: 803-734-0124
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South Dakota

Fall trees with reds and oranges
bluebird creations/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors:  Crimson, gold, orange, and burgundy
  • Peak time: Plan a trip to South Dakota in early to mid-October to see the leaves at their peak.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-732-5682​
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Autumn colour in Cades Cove- mountain slopes and oak tree, Great Smoky Mountains NP, Tennessee, USA
Don Johnston/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and yellow
  • Peak time: Typically the northeastern mountain regions see their peak during the last two weeks of October. Across the state, colors peak from mid-October to late November.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-697-4200
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Bigtooth maple and dead juniper tree, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Red and yellow
  • Peak time: The entire month of October is prime for spotting fall foliage, but the peak time is typically mid- to late October.
  • Prime spots for foliage viewing are McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park and the area around Winnsboro in East Texas.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-792-1112
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Maples, aspen, and conifers in autumn, Mill Hollow in Logan Canyon, Bear River Range, Wasatch Mountains, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Utah
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Utah's fall color season gets underway in early September at higher, northern mountain locations and continues into November in lower, southern areas. Scenic drives are one of the best ways to see the beauty of fall in Utah.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-200-1160
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Fall folliage in Vermont

TripSavvy / Lauren Breedlove

  • Dominant colors: Orange, purple, and red
  • Peak time: Northern Vermont reaches its peak between the last week of September and early October. Early to mid-October is peak time for southern Vermont.
  • Vermont is well-known for stunning foliage, and state parks are a great resource. Be sure to check Vermont's foliage reports before planning your trip.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-VERMONT or 800-828-3239
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Sherando Lake
pabradyphoto/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow, orange, purple, and red
  • Peak time: Inland Virginia reaches peak foliage from mid- to late October. Coastal Virginia typically reaches its peak from late October to early November.
  • Shenandoah National Park is a fantastic place to view the foliage of autumn. Scenic drives such as the Blue Ridge Parkway are another great option for foliage viewing.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-434-LEAF
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Cascade Pass trail in the North Cascades National Park
Tegra Stone Nuess/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Fall color in Washington typically begins in mid-September and peaks in mid-October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-354-4595
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West Virginia

Mist and forest in Fall colors, Davis, West Virginia, USA
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Orange, yellow, and red
  • Peak time: The state reaches peak color from late September to late October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-CALL-WVA
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Amazingly Fiery Colors of Wisconsin Autumn Forests
JamesBrey/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Orange and yellow
  • Peak time: Early to mid-October is peak fall foliage time in Wisconsin.
  • Online resources are available with extensive information including color reports, peak time estimates, and photos.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-432-TRIP
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Wyoming in Autumn
Jeff R Clow/Getty Images
  • Dominant colors: Yellow and red
  • Peak time: Peak Wyoming colors can be seen from early to mid-October.
  • Foliage hotline: 800-225-5996