A Little Bit about Westlake, Ohio

Crocker Park, Cleveland Ohio
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Westlake Ohio, located about 20 minutes west of downtown Cleveland, is a favorite of young families and professionals. The suburb boasts many new housing and condo developments, shopping centers, and restaurants.


The area that would become Westlake was first "settled" in 1810 as part of Dover Township. Parts of the township broke off to form Bay Village along Lake Erie and North Olmsted to the south.

The remaining portion was renamed the Village of Westlake in 1940 to avoid confusion with the East Central Ohio city of Dover. The Village became the City of Westlake in 1957.


According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Westlake has 32,729 residents. A majority (51%) are married and white (91%). The median age in Mentor is 45 years old and the median household income is $64,963.

Shopping in Westlake Ohio

The centerpiece of Westlake shopping is the mixed-use Crocker Park, built in 2000. The shopping center is home to a number of high-end retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Arhaus furniture. Westlake is also home to a number of small strip shopping plazas.


Crocker Park is home to a number of restaurants, including Blake's Seafood Restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, Hyde Park Steakhouse, and Claddagh's Irish Pub. Other Westlake restaurants include:

  • The White Oaks
  • M Bistro
  • Viva Barcelona
  • The Cabin Club


The Westlake Public School District includes three elementary schools, a preschool, a middle school, and intermediate school and a high school. In addition, Westlake is home to the private St. Bernadette elementary school and St. Paul Lutheran school.


Park and recreational facilities in Westlake include the 75-acre Clague Park, with its seven baseball diamonds, tennis courts, hiking trails, and picnic facilities; 46-acre Bradley Road Nature Park; and Tri-City Park on Westwood Road. In addition, the Westlake Rec Center features five pools, a 13,500-square foot fitness center, and over 700 programs for adults and kids.

Famous Residents

Many Cleveland sports figures call Westlake home. Among them are coach Mike Brown of the Cavaliers; Cleveland Indians' Nick Swisher; and Cleveland Browns players, Joe Thomas and Phil Dawson.

Hotels Near Westlake Ohio

Westlake is a convenient place to stay when visiting Cleveland's western suburbs. The city offers a number of modern hotels, most located just off of I-90 at Crocker/Bassett or Columbia Roads. For more about Westlake hotels, click here.

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