A Guide to Airports in the Seychelles

Air Seychelles DHC-6 Twin Otter aeroplane taxiing at Praslin Airport.
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There are a host of reasons to visit the Seychelles, from relaxing on its beautiful beaches to hiking and wildlife spotting at its awe-inspiring national parks. To reach the archipelago, most travelers arrive at Seychelles International Airport. Located on Mahé island, near the capital city of Victoria, it has daily flights operating from all around the world. Nevertheless, there are eight airports throughout the islands offering opportunities to island-hop or fly directly to the islands of your choosing. Use this guide to learn about the range of airports available for travel to this idyllic paradise.

Seychelles International Airport

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  • Location: Mahé island
  • Best If: You are flying internationally to and from Mahé.
  • Avoid If: You can find a direct flight to your final island destination.
  • Distance to Mahe: Travel time from SEZ to central Mahé is 30 minutes by car or taxi.

Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) is the largest—and busiest—airport in the islands, making it the primary airport for traveling internationally to Seychelles or its capital city of Victoria. Air Seychelles, the main carrier for the country, is based here, as is the Seychelles Public Defense Force. The airport is made up of three terminals: an international terminal, a domestic terminal, and a cargo terminal.

You can fly directly here from major cities like Paris, London, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Mumbai. Airlines that operate in the country include Emirates, Qatar Airways, and British Airways. The airport offers services and facilities such as free Wi-Fi, medical services, a foreign currency exchange counter, and multiple ATMs. Buses are available for transport from the airport, and run every 20 to 30 minutes; taxi services are also an option for traveling around Mahé.

Praslin Island Airport (Iles de Palmes Airport)

  • Location: Grand Anse on Praslin Island
  • Best If: Flying domestically to Praslin Island. 
  • Avoid If: You do not need to transit through Praslin to your final island destination.
  • Distance to La Digue: 15 minutes by ferry after taking a taxi to the port 15 minutes away.

The Praslin Island Airport (PRI) serves more than 200,000 visitors yearly and is one of the busiest airports in the islands after SEZ. Operated by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, it offers flights to Mahé (about 15 minutes) and charters to other islands in Seychelles. Most of the flights arrive by Air Seychelles, but private operators, including Zil Air helicopter services, are also an option. Among the facilities available at PRI are shower rooms, banking services, and two gift shops. While some hotels and resorts will pick up guests directly from the airport, you can also get around via private car hire, taxi service, and public bus.

Fregate Island Airport

  • Location: Fregate Island
  • Best If: Staying at Fregate Island Private resort.
  • Avoid If: You are not a guest at Fregate Island Private.
  • Distance to Victoria: Fregate is located 34 miles from Victoria. It is best reached by private car hire or taxi.

Fregate Island Airport (FRK) is one of the smallest airports in the Seychelles. It is made up of one small runway, which typically provides helicopter service from and to Mahé island, and for guests staying at Fregate Island Private resort. For those interested, Air Seychelles also provides a charter flight option. Since it is a small airport, there are not many services available within the airport.

Assumption Island Airport

The runway of the airport of the Assumption island in Seychelles
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  • Location: Assumption Island
  • Best If: Visiting the Aldabra Group of islands.
  • Avoid If: You do not plan to visit the Aldabra Atoll.
  • Distance to Aldabra Atoll: Assumption Island Airport is about a 19-mile boat ride from Aldabra Atoll.

The Assumption Island Airport (FSAS) is a small single-runway airport situated 705 miles southwest of Victoria. It is operated by Islands Development Corporation and is a popular transit airport for tourists visiting the Seychelles. From FSAS, there is one chartered flight available to Seychelles International Airport. Additionally, an Indian military base is on the island, so it is a prevailing destination for those with friends and family based there.

Alphonse Airport

  • Location: Alphonse Atoll
  • Best If: You are staying at Alphonse Island Resort.
  • Avoid If: You are not staying on Alphonse Atoll.
  • Distance to Alphonse Island Resort: The airport is located right next to the island resort. It can be reached by taxi or resort transportation services.

Alphonse Airport (FSL) is a small private airport located just over 248 miles from Mahé. Home to a single airstrip, it's only available for inter-island connections and offers scheduled flights to Seychelles International Airport once a week. The airport also provides chartered flights via Air Seychelles. It has few services and facilities.

Denis Island Airport

  • Location: Denis Island
  • Best If: You are spending most of your time at Denis Private Island resort.
  • Avoid If: You are not taking a chartered flight here.
  • Distance to Denis Private Island Resort: The resort is situated only a quarter of a mile from the domestic airport. The best transport option is private car hire.

Denis Island Airport (DEI) is essentially a small private airstrip located on Denis Private Island. To reach the tropical oasis, most tourists arrive by way of charter flights through Air Seychelles or other private companies. There is only one flight scheduled daily between Denis Island and Mahé’s Seychelles International Airport.

Desroches Airport

  • Location: Desroches Island
  • Best If: If staying at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.
  • Avoid If: You do not need to transit through Desroches.
  • Distance to Four Seasons Resort Seychelles: The airport is adjacent to the resort.

Situated on Desroches Island is Desroches Airport (DES), which is operated by the Islands Development Corporation and only has one runway. Air Seychelles provides chartered flights to Desroches Island from Seychelles International Airport twice a day. Furthermore, the small local airport is home to very limited services and facilities.

Bird Island Airport

  • Location: Bird Island
  • Best If: You are staying at Bird Island's private nature reserve.
  • Avoid If: You are not planning to stay on Bird Island.
  • Distance to Victoria: It is located 62 miles from Victoria.

Bird Island Airport (BDI) offers a private airstrip for those tourists staying at Bird Island. While the airport usually only has one daily charter flight scheduled from Mahé island to the airport, for tourists interested in chartering their own private flights or helicopters, these services are offered by the airport authority. Nevertheless, the option for individual chartered flights can be costly.