7 Ways to Have a Bad Time in Las Vegas

The Best Way to Ruin Your Vacation

Las Vegas sign at night
Az Jackson / Getty Images

Have you ever went on vacation and could not wait to leave the hotel and head back home? It happens in Las Vegas far more than it should. Usually it involves gambling and drinking. It can involve marrying a girl you just met or a bad sunburn after falling asleep at the pool. But, odds are if you follow a couple of simple instructions your Las Vegas vacation will be perfect.

Be the person with the great stories when you get back to work instead of that guy who slept for two days straight after one night at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

This is the behavior to avoid in Las Vegas:

1)Gamble Too Much

My father always pointed out that the lights of Las Vegas were paid for by the millions of people who dropped coins in the slot machines.

“Don’t fool yourself; you’re not going to get rich gambling”.

To this day I try to impart that same message to as many people as possible. I love Las Vegas but I also understand its allure. People visit Las Vegas with the idea that they will win the big jackpot and go home rich, well, I’m going to break it to you, it’s not going to happen.

Get free drinks, play lower limit tables and think less about the money you are going to win and more about the good time you are having. Vacations should be relaxing, not stressful!

If you try to break the bank you are setting yourself up for a disastrous vacation.

There are alternatives to gambling. My wife and I would only only allow ourselves to gamble when the sun went down. So we found plenty of things to do in Las Vegas that resulted in us having far more money to try the good Restaurants in Las Vegas. There are plenty of free attractions on the Las Vegas strip so take in the art at Aria Resort and see the gardens at Bellagio Las Vegas and walk around The Park Las Vegas and the LINQ Entertainment district.


2)Drink Too Much

This happens to a lot of Las Vegas visitors. You sit down at a slot machine and soon you realize that your 2 dollar tip is going a long way. The cocktail waitress keeps bringing over fresh drinks and you can no longer feel your toes.

It is a common mistake people make when they head to Las Vegas. Drink until you can’t drink anymore. Pace yourself, there is no requirement in Las Vegas to have all your fun the second you sit down at your first table. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

Try to remember that alcohol impairs your judgment and when you are trying to count to 21 you need to see your fingers for that high level math.

So, what if you do drink too much? Hydrate, eat and then hydrate some more.

Another good idea is walking around and spreading around your party time. The more time you spend walking around the better the party feels after a few days of endless fun in Las Vegas.

3)Pick the Wrong Hotel

How often do people select the wrong hotel when they travel to Las Vegas? Well, look around some hotels and you can see the couple dragging the young kids across the Casino just to get to a place where they can have a kid friendly meal and you always run into the group of bachelors looking for a taxi as they dodge the packs of screaming kids who are heading to the arcades.

Las Vegas is not the kid haven it was in the late 90’s but it is still a place that has pockets of kid friendly attractions. When selecting a hotel for your trip consider what you will be doing. Are you a family? Is this a girls only weekend? Bachelor party? Second honeymoon?

If you are out to have a grand time "Las Vegas Style" you really need to be where the crowds swell after midnight. If you want to spend time by the pool with your kids you should probably be checking out the family friendly hotels. If you are on a tight budget but still want to have a good time you should be looking at the budget hotels. 

Things to think about when selecting hotels: location, food choices, casino, bars, nightlife, pool and cost.

See the guide to Las Vegas Hotels for more info.

Is this the right Las Vegas hotel for you? Check out our choices for Las Vegas hotels.

After you do that compare hotel rooms in Las Vegas with more pictures.

4) Drive Anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip

While in Las Vegas do not even think about driving. Traffic on the Las Vegas strip is always bad and you really do not need to spend your vacation looking at the sights from a car. Instead, take a taxi or utilize the Las Vegas monorail. Las Vegas is a great walking town so take advantage of all there is to see on the Las Vegas Strip and get in a little exercise while you are at it. If you must get in a car try Uber or Lyft and they can get you to your destination quickly and without the need to look for parking.

Remember walking is always fun and as long as the Las Vegas weather is good you might as well see more of the Las Vegas strip.

5)Be Unprepared for the Elements

You should, however, realize that if you plan on enjoying Las Vegas during the warmer months you need to be prepared for the relentless heat. Drink water and be careful as you walk the strip. Follow some walking tips from Wendy Bumgardner, About’s guide to walking.


6)Buy into the Hype


Some things you should understand about the Las Vegas Hype, if it happens in Las Vegas, it does not always stay in Vegas. Las Vegas is in the United States so understand that those things that are forbidden at home are probably forbidden in Sin City. So, stay away from drinking and driving, unruly and illicit behavior and the occasional advances from good looking women at the Casino bar.

This is mainly for the guys, if she hits on you and you think she is way out of your league, she probably is and she is probably expensive. While brothels are legal in the state of Nevada, prostitution is not. Do not get caught in some bad situation that you have to explain later. I mention this because in every Las Vegas Casino you are bound to see a few working girls, while this practice is slowly being cleaned up it still exists and can get you in trouble.

Getting comp’d used to be easy. You would gamble a little and soon you had a few meals and a portion of your room paid. Well, unless you are wagering a large amount this is no longer going to be easy. You usually end up losing a lot of money trying to get a simple meal for free. You could have probably bought the meal with what you lost.

Las Vegas is expensive, there are still some cheap food specials but the days of the $3 buffet are gone. Plan on spending some cash to eat and realize that if you will be drinking you do need a few calories of substance to keep you going.

The Club scene is very hot in Las Vegas so be sure to understand that when you wait in line to get in you will be paying a cover that hovers around $20-$30 to get the opportunity to pay $12 for drinks. Will you have a good time? Yeah, you will have a blast but you might end up paying for it. You could always find a great lounge at one of the higher end hotels, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Venetian or Wynn and have a lot of the same action for a fraction of the cost.


7)Know what to Expect


If you have a problem with smokers, drinkers and loud drunks you will want to stay away from the Casino from about 10 PM until about 3 AM.

If you have a problem with women wearing next to nothing and guys with too much cologne hitting on everything in sight you should consider Disneyland.

Sure, I am exaggerating a bit but you will encounter some of that stuff that only happens in Las Vegas so don't be shocked. If you're taking your children, just be prepared to explain a few things about gambling, drinking and bad behavior. It’s not that bad but you might have to be creative with your choice of explanations.

I run into people who are surprised to see people drinking in public, strip club advertisements and smokers completely disregarding their personal space. That’s what makes Las Vegas what it is. If you love to have fun and you really are not as high strung as your friends believe you are, you should have a good time.