The 13,235 Mile Year-Long Road Trip for 70 Degrees Everyday

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The number one culprit in ruining a good road trip adventure is the weather. It could be too cold, too hot, too dry or a severe thunderstorm could be keeping you inside all trip. The temperature of the entire country would stay a balmy 70 degrees all year-round to make for the best conditions. Unless climate change takes some weird twist, that’s not going to happen. 

There is a helpful guide for planning out the best times to visit certain sites around this 70-degree mark, in fact, there is a whole 13,000-mile plus year-long North American road trip that you can take where your average temperature will remain around 70 degrees the whole time, even in the depths of winter and dog days of summer.

Let’s get more info about this perfect weather road trip including ways you can use it other than for a year-long road trip. 

How Does Someone Invent a 70 Degree Road Trip?

Meteorologist Brian Brettschneider is the not-so-evil genius who came up with the idea and mapped it out which keeps you around 70-degree temperatures for the entire 13,235-mile journey. The road trip had no means to an end; the idea was an obsession of Brettschneider’s.

Speaking of coming up with the route, Brettschneider explained in tweets:

“I have this obsession with weather perception… We use terms like ‘nice,’ ‘pleasant’ ‘dreary,’ ‘crappy,” etc. to describe the weather climate. My perception doesn’t always align with the prevailing sentiment. It is fascinating to me.”

Brettschneider sat down and began mapping out a route that would follow an acceptable standard for pleasant weather, 70-degree highs. Mapping the route out was no easy task as several different geographic locations will hit 70-degree normal highs many times throughout the year, the trick was putting it all into a single route. 

Using Weather Data to Map the 70 Degree Road Trip

Brettschneider utilized data from the National Centers for Environmental Information as well as Environment Canada to find the normal high temperatures along North America. The data itself dates from 1981 to 2010, to help give a smooth average.

From there he took the temperatures from every weather station in the US and Canada and connected the dots, according to Brettschneider. Of course, there were some logistical issues to solve as the route is supposed to be continuous across a year, but Brettschneider said,

“There were some decisions I made to maximize area and connectivity.”

Where Does the 70 Degree Road Trip Take You?

The route stretches all along most of the lower 48 of the US but also snakes around eastern Canada and into Alaska, whatever it took to get the mark of 70 degrees. You will find yourself at varied points along this area.

For example, you start your journey on January 1st on the Texas/Mexico border, by April 1st you’ve made your way to the southern tip of Oklahoma. Then jump ahead to July 1st near the Canada/Alaska border, October 1st you’re back in the US in the heart of Nebraska before you end your journey in lovely San Diego, California on December 31st.

Along the route you’ll find yourself in the upper Midwest, skirting the eastern seaboard, playing around in the Pacific Northwest before finally ending up in beautiful southern California. You’ll touch about every part of what makes the US majestic on this road trip.

If you want to keep your 70-degree road trip in the lower 48, Brettschneider also developed a shorter but daunting 9,125 route that takes you through Texas, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, along with the northern states, then down near Denver before ending your trip in Durango, Colorado

The snow-loving Brettschneider has stated that he doesn’t plan on taking the trip himself anytime soon. If you’re looking to take the granddaddy-of-them-all road trip where you don’t have to worry about temperature extremes, consider the 70 degrees all-year-round road trip for an unforgettable experience.

One of the best things about any road trip is the unexpected. You may not have realized a road trip like this existed. Warm weather trips where it’s not too hot are some of the most sought-after vacations on the planet no matter where you start or finish.

Take advantage of this road trip with careful planning. Consider Brettschneider’s route. Take the time to explore the unexplored as you hit the road. Discover North America with sunny weather every mile of the way.

To learn more about Brettschneider’s trip, visit his blog and start planning your next epic adventure.

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