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7 TripSavvy Editors Create Their Dream Hotel

In-room libraries, heated floors, and luxe linens are features we'd like to see

We’re dedicating our August features to architecture and design. We’ve never been more ready to check into a dreamy new hotelcity hop on the world's most beautiful subways, or relax in a design-forward coffee shop. Now, we’re excited to celebrate the shapes and structures that make our world beautiful with an inspiring story of how one historic city is prioritizing accessibility, how a Swedish cemetery teaches us important lessons about design, an examination of how climate change is impacting the future of architecture, and a look at the must-have features to put together a dream hotel.

Close your eyes and think of your favorite hotel stay. If you're anything like us, there was likely one particular detail that stood out—maybe the way the plush slippers glided across the carpet? The scent of the shampoo or bath salts? Or a mattress so heavenly you debated the impracticality of buying one for yourself?

We've all had those moments, so we asked our team: What amenities would go into making the ultimate dream hotel? Here's what we decided on:

Miss Clara

Courtesy of Design Hotels

Byredo Toiletries at Miss Clara

"There is a lot to love about Miss Clara, the Stockholm boutique hotel housed in an Art Nouveau building on the city's posh Sveavägen Boulevard. But the best part of my stay at this former ballet school was the intoxicating scent of the room's incredible Byredo toiletries, specifically the Bal D'Afrique scent, which is one of my favorites from the beloved Swedish fragrance brand. I think every hotel room should have soaps that make you want to live in a bathtub." - Astrid Taran, Senior Editor, Special Projects

Hotel on North

Courtesy of Hotel on North

Japanese Soaking Tub at Hotel on North

"This small boutique hotel in Massachusetts celebrates character and uniqueness, with no two guest rooms decorated the same. The room I had for my stay was the only room in the hotel with a Japanese soaking tub, and I enjoyed it so much that I think every hotel room should have one. Unlike a regular tub where you have to lay down to fully immerse yourself in the water, this tub was deep and allowed me to sit up in it, almost like a hot tub. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long and hectic day, and I used it as often as I could." - Jalyn Robinson, Editorial Assistant

Monteverdi Tuscany

Courtesy of Monteverdi Tuscany

C&C Milano Linen Sheets at Monteverdi Tuscany

"On a trip to Tuscany a few years ago, I quite literally couldn't get out of bed. Hundreds of thousands of miles on the road have made me largely impervious to jetlag, but in this case, the dreamy set of linen sheets held me captive. When I returned home (many blissful naps later), I set out to buy a set but was immediately humbled by the four-figure price tag. While I didn't end up getting my Italian linen sheets, I have since discovered that all linen sheets add a layer of luxury to the bedroom, which I highly recommend." - Laura Ratliff, Senior Editorial Director

Bathroom at Grand Hyatt Jeju

Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Jeju

Dyson Hair Dryers at Grand Hyatt Jeju

"Hotels usually fall short when it comes to providing hair dryers that actually dry your hair or don't attempt to burn it. Plus, packing one in your luggage isn't always the most convenient task. Dyson takes the cake for the best hair tools that are lightweight, efficient, and do less heat damage to your hair. So to have that with you on a getaway, whether you're re-styling your hair before an evening out or need a quick dry after a shower, you can give your hair the same elevated experience of staying at a hotel." - Euna Park, Travel Editor, Performance Marketing

Lian Guesthouse

Courtesy of Lian Guesthouse

Heated Floors at Lian Guesthouse

"A little over three years ago, I stayed at a guesthouse in Seoul, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about its heated floors since. It's such a stealthy quality of life feature that I overlooked just how amazing a perfectly warm floor was until I was back to wearing thick socks in hotel rooms. These heated floors (called ondol) have roots in traditional Korean architecture, and I'm forever hoping that hotels around the world start keeping their floors warm instead of ice-cold." - Sherri Gardner, Associate Editor

Club Med Punta Cana

Courtesy of Club Med

Bluetooth Speakers at Club Med Punta Cana

"As an avid podcast listener, I often have my phone connected to some kind of speaker as I go about my day, whether on my morning commute or while I'm making dinner. However, hotels have been one of the places I hadn't quite cracked the code, always having to carry my phone from room to room. That is until I visited Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The suite had Bluetooth speakers embedded in the headboard as well as the in the shower, so no matter where I was or what I felt like listening to, I could enjoy top quality sound." - Taylor McIntyre, Senior Visual Editor

Raffles Warsaw

Courtesy of Raffles

In-Room Library at Raffles Europejski Warsaw

"Although I never go on anywhere without a novel or two in my bag, a room full of books—particularly in a hotel in a new-to-me city—instantly makes me feel at home. Raffles Europejski Warsaw, housed in the 19th-century Hotel Europejski, pays homage to its previous life as an oasis for writers (including Ernest Hemingway and Rudyard Kipling!) with little libraries in nearly every room and suite. But hotels need not have literary ties to have a collection of books on hand—city guides, biographies of famous locals, and beach reads are welcome. Who knows, they may inspire a future Hemingway." - Elizabeth Preske, Associate Editor