6 Tips for an Easier Family Vacation This Summer

Simple ways to make things go smoothly

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Family trips are when memories are made, bonds are fortified, and you get to share your love of travel with your kids. Whether it’s a trip across the ocean or across the state, traveling with the whole family is a lot smoother with a bit of planning. From springing for direct flights to choosing a car rental agency with convenient neighborhood locations like Enterprise, here are six tips for a smooth family vacation that you’ll want to bank before your next getaway.

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Rent with Enterprise for neighborhood pickups and dropoffs.

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While you can rent your car at the airport, it’s not your only option. You can also take the time to get settled at your vacation accommodation, then pick up your rental nearby. Enterprise boasts an impressive network of neighborhood locations, with over 7,000 outposts across more than 90 countries and territories, all providing award-winning customer service. That means no matter where you’re staying, there’s a good chance Enterprise isn’t far away.

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When in transit, add an hour for peace of mind.

Rushing to the airport or running to your gate on your own is one thing, doing it with kids in tow is a whole different experience. Start your trip off on the right foot and simply add an hour to every part of your trip that involves transportation. No one ever got stressed out by arriving a few minutes early. 

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Consider a vacation rental over hotels.

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One of the first steps to planning a vacation is deciding where you’ll stay. Depending on the size of your family and the ages of the kids, hotels might not be the best fit. Vacation rentals, on the other hand, offer more flexibility when it comes to sleeping arrangements and make it easier to prepare your own meals (doing breakfast at your homebase most days can be a timesaver).

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Choose convenience over cost when booking flights and go nonstop.

Booking flights for the whole family can add up. While it might be tempting to switch planes once or twice to lower the cost of tickets, hustling through the airport with kids to make a connection is rarely worth the money you’ll save. Instead, pick another part of your trip where saving money can be fun, like making a meal or two with ingredients from a local market instead of going to a restaurant.

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Switch it up and hire a local babysitter.

Family vacations are all about quality time together, but parents need adult time, too (say, to hit a special restaurant or catch some live music). Hiring a local babysitter also gives the kids a chance to meet someone local and learn about a new culture, if you’re traveling internationally. Get in touch with your hotel’s concierge for recommendations. If you’re staying at a vacation rental, many concierge services will pass along the names of trustworthy sitters.

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Book your rental car quickly and easily via the Enterprise app.

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Few things are more stressful than trying to search your email for a confirmation when wifi is sketchy. Booking your rental car with Enterprise’s intuitive app makes finding and adjusting your reservation easy. Plus, within the app you can quickly check on those coveted reward points.