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Maggie Mae's Rooftop

Maggie Mae's rooftop
Stephen Saks/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

One of the few bars on 6th Street that have survived over the long haul, Maggie Mae's continues to reinvent itself. In good weather, the second-floor rooftop bar is a great place to hang and watch the crowds below. Inside the bar, several stages feature both cover bands and singers playing original music. During SXSW, the multilevel club often plays host to several bands at once. 

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6th Street Closed to Traffic

6th Street with Pedestrians
Kitra Cahana/Getty Images News

On busy weekends and during major events such as SXSW or the Formula 1 Grand Prix, 6th Street becomes a pedestrian-only zone. During the week, however, 6th Street is a typically busy downtown street. Due to recent auto-pedestrian accidents, the Austin Police have ramped up efforts to place barriers and more distance between cars and people on 6th Street.

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6th Street Parking Lot

6th Street parking
Robert Macias

The cheapest and most convenient parking lot in the 6th Street area is located underneath Interstate 35 at the corner of 6th and I-35. However, you may want to consider parking elsewhere if you plan on sticking around until 2 a.m. At closing time, the convergence of crowds and intoxicated people sometimes leads to fights in this area. Check out our Safety Tips for Visiting 6th Street

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Chuggin' Monkey

Chuggin' Monkey bar
Robert Macias

Chuggin' Monkey is a typical 6th Street bar in many ways, but it does distinguish itself by featuring an eclectic variety of local musicians. 

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Darwin's Pub

Darwin's Pub on 6th
Robert Macias

Amid the madness on 6th Street, Darwin's manages to maintain a slightly mellower vibe. It can still get a little loud inside, but it's not as wild as many bars in the area. If you prefer beer over hard liquor, Darwin's is probably your kind of place. 

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Esther's Follies - Comedy and Magic

Esther's Follies
Robert Macias

If you like over-the-top musical comedy, Esther's Follies has that and a pretty darn good magician too. The window behind the stage keeps things interesting. Occasionally, performers will secretly mingle with the crowd outside and then suddenly launch into comedic shenanigans.

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Esther's Follies' Eye-Catching Building

Esther's Follies
Emily Gerson

It's hard to miss the Esther's Follies building on the east end of 6th Street. Look closer and you'll find all sorts of bizarre decorations. Look for the melting Salvador Dali clock. 

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Jackalope bar in Austin
Robert Macias

If nothing else, a giant bunny with horns is an excellent conversation piece. Jackalope is just a fun bar that doesn't try to be anything else. 

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Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

Pete's Piano Bar in Austin
Robert Macias

Long before karaoke left its Japanese homeland to invade the United States, college kids were getting drunk and singing along with a piano player at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. These days, you'll find more tourists there than college kids, but it's still plenty of fun. 

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Street Pizza on 6th

Street Pizza on 6th Street
Robert Macias

After you've had a few drinks, there's nothing better than fresh hot pizza from one of the many walk-up vendors on 6th Street.

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Toulouse bar on 6th Street
Robert Macias

Along with Maggie Mae's, Toulouse is one of the precious few long-term survivors on 6th Street. Through the years, the bar has grown a little rough around the edges, but it's still a fun stop for a drink or two. 

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