Best Trails for Hiking in Honduras

Honduras is mostly known for its gorgeous bay islands where scuba diving is a must, the Mayan archaeological park called Copan and a couple of colonial towns (Gracias, Comayagua). But it is also a country with a lot of forests and mountains that offer a variety of hiking trails.

Because hiking isn’t such a popular activity in the country its trails offer great chances to see the local wildlife. Plus, it is almost guaranteed that you won’t find other hikers around. Here's all the information you should know about five of the best places to go hiking in the country. 

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Pico Bonito National Park

Tourist by waterfall in rain forest, Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras
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Pico Bonito National Park was established in 1987, located in northern Honduras and is part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. It is one of the most popular parks to visit in the country among adventurers. Activities like bird watching, rafting, kayaking, and hiking are common.

The hiking trails here are moderate to hard so having a local guide is recommended for a better experience. During your adventure keep your eyes and ears open because you might find howler monkeys, jaguars and tons of colorful birds.  

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Cusuco National Park

This national park was created in 1959 and is located in the northwest of Honduras, near the famous Copan Ruins. The easiest place to access it is from San Pedro Sula. This region is characterized by its richness when it comes to wildlife and is home to several species of endangered amphibians.

While you hike along its trails you will be able to enjoy the local flora and you might run into a waterfall or two. Within the park, you can also do a hike towards the Taulabe Caves. The best time to visit is early in the morning if you want to see the local wildlife. 

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Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve

Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve
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Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve is another place that will take you between two to four days to explore. It is located near the Caribbean coast of Honduras and is home to tons of local endangered species. Hiking on this trail will take you through the middle of a tropical forest, which makes for a breathtaking experience. Rafting is also another popular activity offered in this locale. 

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Montaña de Celaque National Park

This is where you will find Honduras highest peak -- it is called Cerro Las Minas. It was established in 1987 and is located in western Honduras and was created to protect the local cloud forest -- remember this if you are going for a hike here, as the area has a propensity for rain. You can choose to do a one-day hike but you can also go on a two-day tour if you feel more adventurous. 

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Pico La Picucha in Olancho

Here you will find the second tallest peak of Honduras. If this is your chosen hike destination, be adequately prepared, as it involves from two to four days of hiking to get the most out of the area.

As was Cerro Las Minas, Pico La Picucha was also established to protect the cloud forest. Because of how humid it is and the amount of rain it receives it is also home to many small and beautiful rivers flowing with crystalline waters.

If rainy conditions don't bother you, this is a great place to visit. Also, it is not a highly-trafficked area, so most of what you will see is untouched. 

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