Celebrate the 4th of July at These Top RV Destinations

Independence Day is the day to celebrate our nation’s birth and history. There’s nothing more American than waving flags, salutes to troops past and present, and of course spectacular fireworks. Being an RVer gives you the advantage of choosing distant locations to celebrate Independence Day, but with so many great celebrations out there, where should you go? These five locations are a great place to start when looking for a great place to celebrate the 4th of July. 

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Boston, MA

Fireworks along the Charles River Boston
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Boston, Massachusetts is one of America’s oldest major cities and the home of many great American events and figures. That’s why it would stand to reason that Boston knows how to do Independence Day right. The place to be is near the Charles River for the Boston Pops Symphony Fireworks Spectacular. Listen to the orchestra perform as fireworks launch to create a great show for all. There are two concerts on the 3rd and 4th of July but the 4th of July performance has the fireworks.

Boston is just too jam-packed to allow for RV parks in the city itself but the short drive to Normandy Farms is well worth it. Normandy Farms is a family-friendly RV park and resort with fantastic amenities and features. You will get your basic features such as full utility hookups, showers, and laundry but you also have a bike park, business center, arts center, rec room, pools, snack bar and plenty more. A fantastic RV park for visiting Boston. 

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Washington, DC

Washington, DC Fireworks
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What could be greater than celebrating our nation’s independence right in our capital? Washington DC puts on a heck of an Independence Day show with events throughout the city. Popular celebrations include a small parade on Barracks Row on Capitol Hill and a grand parade known as the National Independence Day Parade. Spend your time in DC checking out the local historical sites such as the National Archives and cap everything off with a performance by the US Air Force Max Impact Band right at the Washington Monument followed by fireworks over the National Mall.

You don’t want to RV around DC itself but Cherry Hill Park is a fantastic nearby choice. You get rich amenities such as full utility hookups, showers, and laundry but you also get other features like propane refill, swimming pools, and more. Don’t worry about trying to get your RV through the city as you can take a shuttle into the heart of the capital right from Cherry Hill Park. 

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Fireworks
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Our last two locations were significant due to their history in this country but Las Vegas is an Independence Day for those who want to party. Thousands of visitors hit the resorts and pools for big parties featuring live music, contests, and other festivities around Nevada. You can find these parties all over the strip from the Encore Beach Club to the MGM Grand. Everything culminates with several fireworks display at popular locations such as Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, and Stations Casino.

Keep up the glitz, glamor and fun times rolling by staying at Las Vegas RV Resort. Not only does Las Vegas RV Resort give you great sites with full utility hookups, but you also get excellent amenities such as sparkling clean showers, laundry, pet run, pool and spa, and 24-hour security. There are several great Las Vegas RV parks to choose from but this is among the best. 

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Bristol, RI

Rhode Island fireworks
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Bristol is by far the smallest city on our countdown but one of the richest when it comes to Independence Day celebrations. Bristol has been holding their 4th of July celebration since 1785 and thousands still flock to this New England town every year to take part. There are parades, live music, family-friendly contests and attractions, car shows, carnivals, races and much more. If you want a historical and fun experience, try getting to Bristol to take part in this unique celebration.

The Melville Ponds Campground is found along Aquidneck Island in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This RV park is located about ten minutes down the road from Bristol, giving you beautiful views of the water without the hassle of driving to it. Just five miles from the historical town of Newport, you’ll be blown away by both town’s celebration of Independence Day. You’ll find full hookups, seasonal sites, fire rings at each spot, along with a stocked camp store and comfort stations at this gorgeous RV park.

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San Diego, CA

Fireworks along San Diego Bay
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San Diego puts on one of the best fireworks shows in the nation due to its location near the water. The event is known as Big Bay Boom and it’s quite a sight to see. The fireworks are the main event but there are plenty of other things to do on the 4th in San Diego like exploring the USS Midway, festivities at Seaport Village, Flagship cruises and more. There are several areas where you can view the fireworks such as Shelter Island, Harbor Island and Coronado Ferry Landing.

San Diego and California, in general, is loaded with great RV parks but we dig Campland on the Bay. You get great sites with full utility hookups as well as many other great amenities and such as bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities, rec center, onsite café, poolside fun, live music and so much more. You’ll find fun for the whole family at Campland on the Bay. 

You can celebrate our nation’s independence from anywhere in the world, but if you have the time and the RV, try to make it to some of these spots for an unforgettable Independence Day celebration.

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