24 Hours in Las Vegas

You have very little time on a lay over over or a day trip to Las Vegas? No problem! Experience as much as you can in Las Vegas with this very quick 24 hours in Las Vegas. I guarantee you will see more in 24 hours than most people see in a week.

Grab a taxi and head to the Mandalay Bay to start your adventure and to test your stamina.

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    The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay Hotel

    Hour #1

    Grab some early calories with a burger at the Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay. While you are at it you might want to try one of the beers they have on tap, you know just in case you need to keep hydrated. Be sure to limit your alcohol consumption on this 24 hour tour of Las Vegas to a level that allows you to make your way up and down the strip, non-stop, in one 24 hour period.

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    Aurora at Luxor Las Vegas

    Hour #2

    You can check out the attractions at the Luxor Las Vegas on simply enjoy the scenery at Aurora in the casino. The Luxor has some very interesting architecture and you find yourself looking up straight up when you are on the mezzanine level. Considering you should only have had one drink next door you might be ok, however, come here after a long night at LAX or Red Square and you are asking for the onset of head spins.

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    Maybe One Drink at Dick's Last Resort at the Excalibur Hotel

    Hour #3

    You might be behind schedule on your 24 hour tour of Las Vegas so walk through the Excalibur and drop in for a quick look around at Dick's Last Resort. The Excalibur is a very good bet if you are on a budget, since you won't be sleeping tonight there really is no need to bother with what the rooms look like. Have a drink and move on.

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    Hop on the Manhattan Express at the New York/New York Hotel and Casino

    Hour #4

    Get yourself to the Coney Island Emporium and find the entrance to the roller coaster. The Manhattan express heads outside and you get a fabulous look at the Las Vegas strip while moving at a very high rate of speed. When you're done grab a slice of pizza and a hot dog. Unless you really do not want to ruin your dinner, but at this point in your 24 hours in Las Vegas you might need a little snack.

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    Have a Fruit Infused Cocktail at Centrifuge at the MGM Grand Hotel

    Hour #5

    As you head to the Las Vegas Monorail walk through the MGM Grand and stop off at Centrifuge. A fruit infused cocktail might do you good right now. Of course you could also stop at one of the many restaurants inside the MGM Grand before you continue on your day long journey through Las Vegas.