Food Markets in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris

Head to These Coveted Spots for Fresh Produce and More

France, Paris, 15th arrondissement, Saint Charles market.

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Are you looking for a good traditional marché (market) in Paris' 15th arrondissement? This quiet and residential district, little-known to tourists but much appreciated by locals for its excellent fresh food vendors and shops, counts several popular weekly markets worth exploring. 

Selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat and fish, cheeses, wines, bread, olives, and other specialties from France and elsewhere, these markets are a must if you want to get an authentic sense of Parisian culinary culture. For some visual inspiration, see a gallery of colorful and tempting scenes from Paris' Marche Aligre. Then explore these markets in the 15th: 

Marché Cervantes

This is a smaller market specializing primarily in fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and dairy, charcuterie, seafood, and fresh flowers. 

  • Location: 60 rue Bargue, and running between Rue Bargue and Rue de la Procession
  • Metro: Volontaires (line 12)

Marché Convention

A popular neighborhood market whose many stands sell everything from fresh produce, meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, bread, cheese, olives, fresh flowers, honey and jams, and non-food products. 

  • Location: Rue Convention between Rue Al. Chartier and Rue l’Abbé Groult
  • Metro: Convention (Line 12)

Marché Grenelle

This is another larger market with over 30 stalls, offering products including meat and fish (including a rotisserie), bakeries and patisseries, fresh produce, olives, organic flowers, and regional specialties. 

  • Location: Boulevard de Grenelle, between Rue Lourmel and Rue du Commerce
  • Metro: La Motte-Piquet Grenelle (Lines 6, 8, or 10)

Marché Lecourbe

The Marche Lecourbe is a smaller neighborhood market offering some regional specialties and non-food items in addition to basics such as produce, cheese, fish, and charcuterie. 

  • Location: Rue Lecourbe, between Rue Vasco de Gama and Rue Leblanc
  • Metro: Balard, Lourmel (line 8)

Marché Brassens

This is another smaller market offering a few stands with fresh produce and other basics. 

  • Location: Place Marette
  • Metro: Convention (Line 12)

Marché Lefebvre

A pleasant community market near the bustling Porte de Versailles convention center, offering all the basics, including a good variety of cheese, dairy, and produce stands.

  • Location: Boulevard Lefebvre, between Rue Olivier de Serres and Rue Dantzig
  • Metro: Porte de Versailles (Line 12)

Marché Saint-Charles

This mid-sized market offers a good variety of both basics and regional specialties. 

  • Location: Rue St-Charles, between Rue Javel and the St-Charles Roundabout (rond point)
  • Metro: Charles-Michels (Line 10) 

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More information on market locations and times can be found on the official Paris city website.

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